The Next President of Haiti…

The next president of Haiti should be able to see the country from the prism of a technological revolution. 

We have been too far left behind the technical boom for too long, it is time now to play catch-up.

It is our state of mind that keeps us in that economically and socially underdeveloped or deprived state of affairs we are in, not because “God is punishing us,” as some of these “levanjil tèt mare” love to suggest.

We need to revolutionize the way we think, the way we see or perceive ourselves and the world around us.

From my observation, I see there is a total philosophical disconnect between the Haitian at home [and some of us living abroad] and the rest of the world. We need to bridge that gap, and the only best and most logical way to accomplish that is by means of a technological revolution.

We need to bring the internet to the entire population, including those living in the country’s most secluded areas –assuming the electric energy problem the country has been struggling with has been intelligently dealt with in its entirety. 

The mobile technology, coupled with the internet, will change the way we learn, study and communicate. In large, that will change the way we see ourselves in relation to the world.

A technological revolution is what we need to change the collective psyche of our people in the long run, which, in turn, will make possible the economic and social development we have been hoping to see become a reality in the country.

Here is the question: in light of the 2021 presidential election, which prospective candidate do you think has the potential –political vision and leadership acumen –to bring about that aforementioned transformational change?


A laughing Matter: Crooks In The Haitian Senate Want To Fight Corruption

I stand strong with Madame Marie Carmelle Jean-Marie –Economy and Finance Minister: summer of 2012 to April 2013; April 2014 to January 2015 –who wrote to Senate President Youri Latortue to  demand that a thorough audit of ALL the public funds be conducted by the bogus Senate Anti-corruption and Ethics Commission, chaired by Senator Youri “Mr Clean Wannabe” Latortue.

We need to be clear on one thing: this bogus commission is doing nothing serious but putting a show of demagoguery politics with the sole purpose of destroying the integrity and character of certain former public servants, PM Lamothe’s for instance.

All these senators and deputies, including those in that said commission, are a bunch of crooks who want to make themselves pass for saints. Youri knows damn well he has no moral authority to head that commission, for he himself is nowhere near being clean. So they need to stop all this show of demagoguery politics to focus on what really matters for the people.

Corruption is plaguing three-year-old Providence Hospital in Gonaïves, built by the Canadian government and donated to the Haitian government for the health care needs of the people in Youri’s own Artibonite District. Where is Youri “Mr. Clean Wannabe” Latortue in all of this? He went AWOL on this one. How come? Doesn’t he call himself the corruption czar of the Senate?

As I had said before in my previous blog post, the system breeds corruption. Fix the system, there you fix the corruption problem besetting our public administration which these Mr Clean Wannabes “want” to do away with.

2021 Haiti Presidential Election: Youri “Mr. Clean Wannabe” Latortue Is Out To Destroy Lamothe’s Chance.

From left to right: Youri Latortue and Laurent Lamothe

Youri LATORTUE, who is playing Mr. Clean politics in the Haiti Senate, is not clean himself. In fact, I don’t know one “clean” Haitian politician in existence. They are all crooks. Haitian politics is not for pious folks; the system itself breeds corruption.

Now he is claiming having talked to Eberwein –before he committed suicide on Tuesday, July 11 in a South Dade motel –who shared with him important yet mind-boggling revelations. Since the dead man cannot be around to attest to such claim, it is now up to you and me in the court of public opinion to believe such idiocy.

Let us not forget that the Artibonite senator aka Mr. Clean Wannabe was a top advisor in the Martelly National Palace during the entire President Martelly’s five-year term, meaning if corruption there was, he must have known about it, he must have been a part of it. He was not an outsider like you and me. If anything, he should be investigated. 

All this noise he is making with the commission’s so-called corruption findings is political in nature. He is preparing the public opinion for an eventual decision by his ethics committee in the Senate to deny former Prime Minister Lamothe his administrative clearance papers, which he will need should he decide to run for president in 2021. 

It is not a secret that Youri LATORTUE, the leader of Ayiti An Aksyon, will be running for president in 2021. He knows Lamothe is a VERY potential player on the ground who could be for him a fierce competitor to beat. So he has got to stop him from entering the race. And the only best way for him to do so is to use this bogus ethics committee in the Senate as his political weapon –to deny him his administrative clearance. 

Now, one mistake LATORTUE, the President of the Senate, is on the verge of making is that he is not factoring in the people in his political calculus. What will be the reaction of the people vis-à-vis the political slaughtering of PM Lamothe is of paramount importance. The people are watching… they understand what is going on. They will react. This is simply a fair warning. 

If I were Youri LATORTUE, instead of indulging in this show of demagoguery politics, I would focus more on solving the issues facing the people in my Artibonite District –where there is a 3-year-old brand new and fully equipped hospital, Providence Hospital, the only state-of-the-art hospital in the district, built by the Canadian government –in a state of “irreversible degradation.” The operation of the hospital is stalled by corruption, yet LATORTUE is playing Mr. Clean politics in the Senate. Isn’t that something? He needs to do his job; he needs to focus on what really matters. 

Kissing in Public by Gays and Lesbians Has Just Been Made a Crime in Haiti.

This guy, Jean Renel “Zokiki” SENATUS, is such a fool. In his “Good Citizenship” bill, which just got an up vote or a vote of approval in the Haiti Senate, one can read: “If two people of the same sex are caught kissing in public and such act is documented in court records, these two citizens won’t be able to obtain a ‘Certificate of Good Citizenship,'” a required document, like a criminal record here in the United States, for anything a person wants to accomplish in Haiti.
So, technically, these fools in the Haiti Senate have just passed a law to criminalize kissing in public by two people of the same sex who happen to love each other. These two people, according to Senatus and his pals in the Senate, are not allowed to show or express their emotions in public.
This law is going way too far. That’s infringement upon the people’s personal lives in a country said democratic.
Excuse my ignorance: How do these legislative propositions, as serious as they sound or are, get voted on in the Haiti legislature? Did we even have a debate in the Haitian society on this particular matter before considering bringing the bill to the Senate floor for a vote? Did we even bother finding out through public opinion polls what the people’s sentiments are on the matter? 
Well, I just thought the world community would wanna know about what is happening in Haiti –a country in the backyard of the United States, the oldest democracy in the region. Kissing in public by two people of the same sex has just been made a crime in Haiti. There you have it.  

Yon Ti Mesaj A Tout Ayisyen Alawonnbadè

Nou dwe elimine tout fèt Katolik yo ke Leta nou an chwazi fete nan kalandriye fonksyonman li.

Leta nou an pa yon Leta Katolik, li se yon Leta de kilti Vodou. Dayè, se Seremoni Bwa Kayiman an, ki te fèt nan lanwit 14 Dawou 1791 la, ki t ap vin pote linite ak konsyantizasyon nan mitan zanzèt nou yo pou yo te ka fè sa ki gen pou te fèt pou yo vin kreye nasyon lib sa a ke yo pral mete kanpe devan lemond antye jou ki te 1 Janvye 1804 la. Nou dwe klè sou sa. Si n pa ka klè sou sa, deja, nou gen yon pwoblèm teknik k ap anpeche n dakò pou n avanse nan konvèsasyon sa a.

Etan ke Demokrat ki toleran, ki kwè nan “pluralism,” nou TOLERE tout moun ki pa kwè nan sa nou kwè yo nan peyi a, ki se yon dwa ke tout moun genyen. Men sepandan, nou pa p tolere pou Katolik yo panse y ap vin enpoze bagay yo a sou nou.

Tout fèt ke Legliz Katolik ap fete, Leta nou an fè fèt sa a yo jou ferye pou li, kòm kwa pèp Ayisyen an se yon pèp Katolik li ye. Nou pa p pran bagay sa a ankò paske li pa fè sans e li pa lojik.

Nou pa ka yon pèp Vodou ki libere tèt li de lesklavaj —yon lesklavaj ki te esponnsorize pa Legliz Katoli, ki te jwenn benediksyon l nan men Legliz Katolik, ki te benefisye Legliz Katolik –epi pou n twouve ap nasyonalize e selebre fèt Legliz sa a. Nou pa twouve bagay sa a pa nòmal nan zye pa nou? Sa a se yon estipidite absoli e san parèy.

Katolik yo chwazi fete fèt yo, se koze ki gade yo. Men Leta a an jeneral pa ka chwazi fete yo.  Nou pa ka chwazi fè de fèt sa yo jou ferye pou Leta a. Nou pa p pran lòbèy sa a nan men Blan je vèt Legliz Katolik yo ankò. Sa a nou dwe klè sou li.

Se sèl an Ayiti wi kòm peyi m viv ladan l m wè betiz konsa fèt. Nan tout tan sa yo ke m fè ap viv Etazini an, m pa janm wè Leta Ameriken pran jou fèt Katolik yo pou jou ferye non. Epi nou menm, Leta nou an ferye pou tout fèt Legliz Katolik ap fete yo? Nou pa twouve anyen mal nan sa? Di m nan konbyen peyi Mizilman nou wè tenten konsa fèt. Epi nou tolere sa fèt nan peyi Vodou nou an?

Konbyen fèt nan kalandriye Vodou a ke Leta nou an selebre, ke Leta nou an pran kòm jou ferye? M kapab di zewo, paske Legliz Katolik, nan konkòday avèk pouvwa politik la andedan peyi a, te dyabolize Vodou nou an; yo te menm entèdi Vodouizan yo pratike fwa yo jan tout moun gen dwa fè sa nan peyi a.

Seremoni Vodou Bwa Kayiman an, si nou selebre l, nou pa selebre l pou apwòch mistik e espirityèl seremoni an non, nou selebre l pou enpòtans istorik li. Alòske se pi gwo fèt Vodou ki ta sipoze jwenn anpil enpòtans devan Leta a. Non, nou kite Blan je vèt Katolik yo ap pase nou lòd, kòm si nou pa t libere nou de lesklavaj ke yo menm te enpoze sou nou an.

Ban m di nou byen, frè ak sè Ayisyen mwen yo: Liberasyon nou de lesklavaj, ki vin fè nou yon pèp lib e endepandan an, se pa t yon kado ke Blan je vèt yo te fè nou non… se batay nou te batay pou n te genyen l… se san nou ki te koule pou n te genyen l… se mouri nou te aksepte mouri pou n te jwenn li. Epi jodi a pou n aksepte ap banalize l? Ki sa nou fè avèk konsyans nasyonal nou, hen? Ki sa nou fè avèk konsyans de pèp nou, hen? An nou pran konsyans. An nou louvri zye nou. Se nan zafè fèmen zye priye sa a wi, ou wè nou kite yo vòlè konsyans nasyonal nou nan men nou an.

Krèk Koko Te Ka Minis Tou

Krek Koko
Gen moun k ap di ke senatè yo pa gen CV minis yo nan men yo. De se fèt, Krèk Koko te ka minis tou. Sa yo di a se sa wi. Men pwoblèm nan se nan Konstitisyon peyi a li ye.
M ap di moun sa yo konsa ke Konstitisyon an pa mande pou minis yo “properly vetted” non. Li fè ekzijans sa a pou PM nan sèlman. Se rezon sa a ki fè nou toujou tande m di isit la ke Konstitisyon nou an se yon zatrap li ye. Tout pwoblèm peyi a soti nan Konstitisyon an.
Gen anpil chanjman nou swete wè ki pote andedan Konstitisyon an pwochèn fwa y ap amande l nan Paleman an. Men sa nou menm nou pwopoze:
1. Elimine pòs PM nan jan li ye la a. Kandida pou pòs prezidan an ap anrejistre nan KEP a avèk tout PM li. Se responsablite KEP a pou li “vet” moun sa yo avan li otorize yo fè kanpay. Kandida a ap mennen kanpay avèk moun sa a k ap PM li a. Konsa, lè pèp la vote prezidan an, nou tou konnen ki moun k ap PM nan.
2. Tout minis sa yo ke PM nan ap chwazi a dwe jwenn ratifikasyon yo youn aprè lòt nan Sena a sèlman –yo pa nan pase devan Chanm Depite. Se yon tan pedi sa ye.
Se wòl senatè yo pou yo “properly vet” minis yo avan yo ratifye chwa sa yo. Konsa, n ap konnen si minis yo konpetan, kalifye e onèt pou yo vin sèvi peyi a nan jan PM nan vle yo vin sèvi peyi a. E sa dwe fèt tou pou tout sekretè deta ak direktè jeneral ke PM nan ap gen pou l chwazi yo.
3. Nou dwe chanje tèm prezidans la. Se pou nou pèmèt ke yon prezidan kapab brige 2 manda 5 lane youn dèyè lòt. An nou serye avèk tèt nou. Ki sa yon prezidan ka reyalize vrèman nan 5 lane? Pa gran choz non. Men si li konnen li ka mande pèp la yon lòt manda atravè reeleksyon, l ap fè tout sa li kapab pou li delivre nan premye manda li a pou li vin konvenk pèp la pou yo bay li yon chans pou li vin fini sa li komanse yo.
4. Zafè dechaj la pa dwe gen anyen pou li wè avèk Paleman an. Depi nou mete Paleman an ladan l, li vin yon demach politik, alòske se yon demach teknik li dwe ye. Se manb nan enstitisyon finansyè yo nan Leta a ki dwe sèvi kòm yon “board” ki pou bay ansyen fonksyonè Leta yo dechaj.
M panse jan de chanjman sa yo nan estrikti gouvènmantal peyi a ap ede anpil nan bon fonksyonman gouvènman an e nan benefis Leta nou an.

OPINION: Why Lavalas Lost The Election To Jovenel Moise?

In the US Army, where I served for six years, there is this psychological exercise called After Action Review (AAR) we do after every event, training session, etc. to improve our performance in the future. During such exercise, together as a group, we answer questions such as: what was supposed to happen? What actually happened? What went right? What went wrong? What we need to improve on to better our performance next time?

In light of this exercise, we are going to try to tackle this pertinent question: Why Lavalas lost the election to Jovenel Moise?

That’s a very important question, one anyone with a sound mind would expect to dominate the conversations in all Lavalas circles at this juncture in the game. Unfortunately, such is not the case. Instead, they are hopping on the radio one after the other wasting their times in propagating falsehoods about the winning candidate in an attempt to delegitimize him. When it is not that, they are in the streets yelling at the top of their lungs, breaking stuff, burning tires, engaging in all sorts of terrorist activities only to disturb the peace as usual and further worsen the political instability in the country.

Lavalas lost because:

1. They did not have a consolidated base –the divisions and bickerings inside the movement have caused the base to be fragmented at its own demise. As a result, such reality has weakened all the groupuscules with Lavalas tendencies [Lapeh, Pitit Desalin, Fanmi Lavalas, Renmen Ayiti, etc]. Meanwhile, if they had come together to nominate one candidate as the alternative to Jovenel, I am not sure if that would have been enough to win them the election, but they could have given him a good run for his money.

2. They did not have a revolutionary and inspiring message that could resonate with the majority of the voters, especially the young voters. Holding the Martelly administration responsible for everything not working in the country [after only 5 years] is one thing, but proposing how to make things better is another. It was really hard for them to make the case against Martelly, let along against Jovenel –after they had spent 20 years in power and failed to deliver for the country. So the people looked at it like this: if you were in power for that long and failed to make good on your promises, why should we put you in charge again? In a sense, they were viewed as the main sector responsible for the dire reality they wanted to be hired to fix. So they were in a very tough spot.

3. Not only did they not have such revolutionary and inspiring message, they did not have an inspiring leader the youths could relate to –the leadership was composed of a bunch of old farts, the traditional chameleon or “abolotcho” politicians, whom the people have rejected long ago for their politics of obsolescence, mediocrity, terror, treachery and deceitfulness.

4. They represented the past to a young electorate, a social media electorate, which rendered them totally out of touch. While Jovenel was effectively using the latest technologies –Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Periscope, etc… — to reach out to the young people and get his inspiring message out to them, these Lavalas sore losers were using the same old and outdated campaign tactics and practices they were using during the 1990 presidential election, which had witnessed the rise of Aristide from priesthood to statehood.

5. Last but not least, they had shown their incapacity to effectively staff and run a successful political campaign. They relied mostly on their amateurism politics and so-called education to outperform Jovenel, who staffed his campaign with folks with years of experience in campaign organization and operation.

In conclusion, the election was not stolen from the Lavalas sore losers. The allegation of massive fraud they were pushing could not sustain –due to lack of convincing evidence –before the electoral judges, in the electoral tribunal. That was a political play with the intent to boycott and torpedo the election. This time around, it did not work as they had hoped –they were hoping to see a repeat of 2015, when they had used terror to impose their collective will on the majority.

The Lavalas lost fair and square to Jovenel, who run a very effective, aggressive, revolutionary and state-of-the-art campaign. If anything, if they are really smart, they need to spend ample time studying his campaign so they could emulate every aspect of it in future elections. If they don’t do that, they can forget about winning presidential elections for a long time.


Nou tonbe sou nòt an Fransè sa a ke Onorab Depite Gary Bodeau (Boukliye-Dèlma) mete deyò maten an pou l ka fè konnen ki pozisyon li fas a konjonkti politik, pòs-elektoral la nan peyi a. Men sa li di nan nòt la:


Quel avenir les politiciens haïtiens se réservent-ils dans ce pays? Veulent-ils vraiment continuer à participer à la vie politique?

Après 155 millions de dollars américains dépensés pour deux (2) élections présidentielles dont les résultats restent inchangés, il est venu le temps de reconnaitre la victoire du candidat élu dès le Premier tour.

L’ équipe au pouvoir ne peut se permettre le luxe de ne pas PASSER le pouvoir au président élu le 7 février 2017. Le jeu ne vaut pas la chandelle. Les tours de passe-passe au CTV, ne pourront en aucun cas ni altérer ni invalider le vote populaire.

L’heure n’est plus à la CONTESTATION. De vraies NÉGOCIATIONS sur les politiques publiques et la formation d’un gouvernement INCLUSIF visant l’amélioration des conditions de vie du peuple doivent débuter sans délai.

Les haitiens et les haïtiennes méritent des jours de paix et de bonheur. Ensemble, nous pouvons réécrire l’histoire et offrir des opportunités à la jeunesse.

Gary Bodeau

Député du peuple

50ème législature

Tout sa depite a di yo se sa. Men nou pa dakò avèk li lè l ap pale de NEGOSYASYON ant move pèdan yo [chèf teworis Lavalas yo –Jude Celestin, Moise Jean-Charles ak Maryse Narcisse –ki mete gwoup teworis parèy yo nan lari a pou ap teworize popilasyon an] ak Prezidan Jovenel pou monte yon pouvwa ENKLIZIF.

Nou pa gen pwoblèm ak kreyasyon pouvwa enklizif la non. Nou gen pwoblèm ak pawòl negosyasyon avèk move pèdan yo. Nou

Nou menm, nou pou KONSÈTASYON, pa NEGOSYASYON. Gen yon gwo tonton diferans nan 2 mo sa yo. Konsètasyon vle di kowoperasyon, tèt kole pou n travay; negosyason vle di ban m sa a, m ap bay ou sa a. Se lè yon moun pran pouvwa a mal, li pa gen lejitimite popilè, li negosye pouvwa. Lè se pèp ki bay ou pouvwa, ou konsète avèk opozisyon.

Prezidan Jovenel jwenn manda e lejitimite li a nan men pèp la. Alòs, pa gen okenn politisyen raketè, politisyen move pèdan k ap vin pase l lòd, k ap vin di l se pou l negosye, jan nou te tande anpil politisyen Dubreus, politisyen Jesifra ap pale deyo a. Li pa rete avèk okenn politisyen raketè. Li gen yon sèl bòs sou tèt li, bòs sa a rele pèp la. Nou vle pou mesye sa yo klè sou dosye negosyasyon y ap pale a.

Prezidan Jovenel pa janm di l ap gouvène peyi a sèlman avèk ti gwoup pa li a. Li toujou di nan tout entèvansyon l ap fè an piblik ke administrasyon pa li a ap gen tout moun ladan l –kèlkeswa apatenans politik moun nan. Men se moun ki KONPETAN, ONÈT, KALIFYE k ap ladan l. Se pa yon gouvènman politisyen tradisyonèl panse y ap vin negosye pou yo jwenn ministè pou y al fè gagòt epi gouvènman an vin pyeje, li vin pa ka ateri pou popilasyon an k ap soufri a, ki nan mizè a.

Alòs, nou menm k ap kore Prezidan Jovenel la, nou di KONSÈTASYON WI, NEGOSYASYON NON.

Prezidan Jovenel jwenn manda li nan men pèp la. Pa gen okenn politisyen rat do Kale, raketè, tradisyonèl, abolotcho k ap vin tòdye men l pran li nan men l pou l pa vin regle anyen ki serye –nèg ap vin vòlè epi anyen pa janm chanje nan kondisyon mas defavorize a. Nou pa p kite sa pase. Se sa k fè n ap rete vijilan pou n ap veye yo. Ap gen administrasyon k ap fè fayit wi, men se pa p administrasyon sa a. Fwa sa a, fò k peyi a pran wout devlopman an, fò k mas pèp la jwenn tout bon.

Lavalas Se Yon Oganizasyon Teworis


Lè nou rele Lavalas yon òganizasyon teworis, gen moun ki di ke nou ekzajere paske mo teworis la twò fò pou n mete sou do yo. Nou pa gen pwoblèm avèk moun sa yo ki di sa a non. Nou jis pral eksplike kòman nou fè di ke Lavalas se yon òganizasyon teworis li ye, e nou ta swete lè n fini, yo tout kapab tonbe dakò avèk nou.

Tout bagay nan mond la, depi ke li ekziste, gen yon mo ki defini l e kalifye l. Nou pa t envante mo “teworis” la non, se ititlize nou itilize l pou n ka defini ki sa Lavalas la ye.

Daprè, mo “teworism” la vle di an Anglè “the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.” An bon Kreyòl, sa vle “izaj vyolans ak menas pou entimide e fòse moun fè sa w vle yo fè, espesyalman pou rezon politik.”

Si yon moun gen pwoblèm avèk definisyon sa a, n ap mande l pou l ekri sit entènèt la pou l ka eksprime dezakò l avèk yo. E lè l ap fè sa a, fò k li pa bliye gen bòn definisyon mo a nan men l pou l ka bay yo li. Si l pa ka fè sa, n ap di l pou l ale bay chat li mal, paske se tan moun li soti pou l gaspiye pou granmesi.

Lè n baze sou definisyon mo teworis la, ke bay nou an, èske Lavalas yo pa fè izaj vyolans ak menas kont moun ki pa kanpe nan menm kan politik avèk yo pou yo ka enpoze volonte politik yo sou moun sa yo? Wi, yo fè sa vre. Men kèlke ekzanp n ap bay ou pou n ka byen kore agiman nou an:

  1. Lè Jean-Bertrand Aristide te fin prete sèman kòm prezidan nan jou ki te 27 Septanm 1991 la, nan diskou envestiti li a, misye kanpe devan Palè a, devan kamera laprès nasyonal ak entènasyonal ak devan konbyen milye moun ki t ap gade l pou l ap glorifye Pèlebren… pou l ap di teworis Lavalas li yo ke lè yo kenbe yon Makout, se pou yo pa neglije bay li sa l merite. Misye menm ale pli lwen pou l di ki jan Pèlebren se yon bèl zouti, yon ti bagay ki santi bon.
  2. Jou ki te 7 Novanm 2016 la ki sot pase a, nou te wè ankò menm Jean-Bertrand Aristide sa a ki kanpe devan yon gwoup teworis Lavalas parèy li pou l ap di yo pou yo fè dechoukaj ak kraze brize si eleksyon 20 Novanm yo pa ta arive fèt.
  3. Eske nou pa t jwenn Andre Michel, yon lidè teworis Lavalas, nan tèt yon manifestasyon kraze brize Lavalas ki t ap di ke “Sèl jan pou yo ta mete Jovenel prezidan an Ayiti, se lè nou ta fin redwi peyi a an sann, e sou sann nan n ap konbat yo?”
  4. Nan lane 2015-2016 yo, Lavalas yo te pran lari pou yo te dechouke Prezidan Martelly. Yo te fè manifestasyon kraze brize prèske chak semèn pou y ap kraze e boule machin moun, boule biznis prive moun ak krabinen moun ak kout wòch. 

Nou te ka bay plis ekzanp toujou wi, men, paske nou pa vle twò long, n ap kanpe la pou kounyè a. Ekzanp sa yo ke nou bay yo, se pa nou menm non k ap envante yo. Epi pou yon moun ap di ke nou ekzajere lè nou idantifye Lavalas kòm yon òganizasyon teworis? Se pa nou menm non ki rele yo teworis la… se zak y ap poze nan sosyete a wi ki di se sa yo ye. Nou ka sispann rele yo teworis demen maten wi si yo vle, mwayennan ke yo chwazi pou yo aji kòm moun ki sivilize, ki voye vyolans jete pou yo anbrase deba kontraditwa ak respè ak tolerans ke yo dwe a moun ki pa kanpe nan menm kan avèk yo. Lè sa a , n ap premye moun k ap vini isit la, k ap ekri piblikman ke Lavalas se yon òganizasyon sivilize ki gen moun sivilize e eklere ladan l, k ap pratike yon politik ki fè fyète yo e fyète tout Ayisyen alawonnbadè. Men si yo pa ka fè sa a tou, yo fèk tanmen ap tande nou k ap rele yo teworis.


Clarens Renois Pou Premye Minis


Clarens Renois

Aprè ke eleksyon yo fin byen pase nan peyi a, nan jou ki te Dimanch 20 Novanm nan, daprè jan tandans la ye nan mitan popilasyon an, nou kwè ke Jovenel Moise genyen eleksyon an avèk yon majorite ekrazant. An nou pa menm bezwen pale de dezyèm tou. Avèk yon sèl kout kle a, machin nan pati e li pran direksyon pwogrè ke peyi a t ap tann depi lontan an.

Pou kantite pwoblèm k ap tann Jovenel Moise, n ap mande pou misye pa pèdi tan pou li mete kanpe ekip tranzisyon li a prese prese pou li kòmanse ap bay administrasyon li a fòm li sipoze genyen an. Men etan done ke premyè pozisyon ke l ap bezwen jwenn moun pou li a se pòs premye minis la, n ap mande pou misye fè chwa sa a avèk anpil tèt frèt ak sajès politik; chwa sa a ap defini ki sa misye vle akonpli vre nan 5 lane li pral pase nan tèt peyi a.

Nou bezwen yon premye minis ki konpetan, ki vle travay, ki jèn, ki pataje vizyon Jovenel pou peyi a, e ki ka garanti tout sektè nan peyi a ke li pral travay nan enterè peyi a, pa nan enterè politik pati ki sou pouvwa a.

Nou ta swete Jovenel rele Clarens Renois pou l bay misye pòs Premye Minis la pou l ka mete kanpe yon gouvènman serye ki chita sou konpetans, kalifikasyon ak onètete –san konsiderasyon de nan ki pati moun sa yo ki pral fè pati de gouvènman an ap soti.

Clarens pa premye moun nan lis nou an non. Premye moun nan lis nou an se Daniel Rouzier; dezyèm moun nan se Charles Henri Baker; twazyèm nan se Reginald Boulos. Men nou deja konnen ke anba rasis po nwa sa yo ki nan Paleman an k ap bezwen pou ratifye chwa a, koulè ak klas sosyal mesye sa yo deja poze pwoblèm politik pou yo. Men nou t ap pi alèz pou se ta youn nan yo twa a ki ta PM nan pou konpetans ak eksperyans yo.

Jovenel ap chwazi Clarens kòm yon chwa estratejik –misye plis parèt tolerab e konsilyatwa. Misye vle travay e li ka travay. Nou plis kwè ke misye gen plis chans pou yo ratifye l nan Paleman an ke lòt twa mesye nou te site avan yo. Si misye ta fin pase etap ratifikasyon an nan Paleman an, nan gouvènman l ap gen pou l mete kanpe a, nou ta swete ke li retounen avèk Stephanie Villedrouin kòm minis touris epi Nesmy Manigat kòm minis edikasyon nasyonal. 2 moun sa yo te briye pa konpetans e dinamism yo nan gouvènman PM Lamothe la.

Erè nou pa ta vle pou Jovenel fè, nou pa ta vle li konsantre sou zafè pati politik pou l mete moun nan pouvwa li a. Misye sipoze pran tout moun, kèlkeswa moun nan, nan kèlkeswa pati politik moun nan ye a. Misye ap bezwen mete kanpe yon pwofil ki chita sou kalifikasyon, konpetans ak onètete. Depi moun nan “fit” pwofil la, li gen plas li nan pouvwa a. Pa jere zafè nèg nan ti pati PHTK ak alye. Li ka fè sa nan ekip konseye politik e teknik ke l ap genyen nan palè a avèk li, men pa nan administrasyon zafè Leta a.

Nou vle pou tout Ayisyen frè ak sè nou yo konprann ke politik zingzani an fò k li fini nan peyi a paske li pa p menmen nou okenn kote. Nou bezwen fè yon politik ki eklere, kote nou sispann pèsonalize politik la.

Sou rezo sosyo yo, kòm anpil moun te kapab obsève, nou te youn nan moun ki te mennen yon kanpay fawouch kont Clarens Renois pandan tout kanpay elektoral la paske kandida pa nou an se te Jovenel Moise. Sepandan, gade ki jan jounen jodi a se nou menm k ap mennen kanpay pou li Premye Minis. Se konsa nou dwe fè politik la.

Sa anpil moun pa konprann sè ke kanpay la fini –pa gen kanpay prezidansyèl ankò. Kounyè a se moman pou n pase o travay, pou n gouvène zafè Leta a pou byennèt peyi a; se moman pou n reyini tout moun an fonksyon de talan e konpetans yo pou yo mete yo o sèvis de peyi a.

Batay politik nou t ap mennen kont Clarens la pa gen anyen pèsonèl ladan l. Se konsa jwèt politik la jwe. Barack Obama te mennen yon kanpay gason pa kanpe kont Hillary Clinton an 2008. Lè li fin prezidan, ki sa nou te wè li fè? Li rele Hillary pou li vin travay pou peyi a. Li mete l nan Depatman d Eta a. Hillary pa t fè gwo lestomak pou l ap di li pa nan bagay konsa, Obama genyen eleksyon an se pou l degaje l avèk moun li yo pou li dirije peyi a. Non. Epi tou, sa pa t ap fè okenn sans.

Gen yon grand diferans ant mennen yon kanpay politik ak gouvène yon peyi. Si ou te gen yon diskou sektoryèl ki chita sou divizyon pandan kanpay la, lè ou fin genyen, ou bezwen itilize yon diskou k ap rasanble tout moun paske, antan ke prezidan, ou se prezidan tout moun, menm moun sa yo ki te opozan fawouch ou yo nan kanpay la. Nivo de refleksyon sa a, anpil entèlektyèl Ayisyen pa ko ka dijere l. Yo pran kanpay politik la trè pèsonèl. Yo pa wè l kòm yon jwèt tankou “box” ak karate non, yo wè l kòm yon zafè pèsonèl.

Alòs, n ap fè apèl a sans de sajès politik Jovenel pou misye pran Clarens Renois kòm premye minis li. Si misye ta arive fè sa, li t ap youn nan pi gwo desizyon li ta kapab pran, e li t ap trè byen resevwa nan majorite sektè yo nan peyi a. Nou ta renmen misye tande e li pran ti konsèy sa yo ke nou te pote pou li yo. Nou swete misye anpil siksè nan dezisyon ke l ap genyen pou l pran nan non peyi a. Konsa, aprè 5 lane li a, nou va gen yon peyi ki fè anpil pwogrè politikman, eknomikman e sosyalman.