Kissing in Public by Gays and Lesbians Has Just Been Made a Crime in Haiti.

This guy, Jean Renel “Zokiki” SENATUS, is such a fool. In his “Good Citizenship” bill, which just got an up vote or a vote of approval in the Haiti Senate, one can read: “If two people of the same sex are caught kissing in public and such act is documented in court records, these two citizens won’t be able to obtain a ‘Certificate of Good Citizenship,'” a required document, like a criminal record here in the United States, for anything a person wants to accomplish in Haiti.
So, technically, these fools in the Haiti Senate have just passed a law to criminalize kissing in public by two people of the same sex who happen to love each other. These two people, according to Senatus and his pals in the Senate, are not allowed to show or express their emotions in public.
This law is going way too far. That’s infringement upon the people’s personal lives in a country said democratic.
Excuse my ignorance: How do these legislative propositions, as serious as they sound or are, get voted on in the Haiti legislature? Did we even have a debate in the Haitian society on this particular matter before considering bringing the bill to the Senate floor for a vote? Did we even bother finding out through public opinion polls what the people’s sentiments are on the matter? 
Well, I just thought the world community would wanna know about what is happening in Haiti –a country in the backyard of the United States, the oldest democracy in the region. Kissing in public by two people of the same sex has just been made a crime in Haiti. There you have it.