N ap Kore Joe LAMBERT pou Prezidan Sena Repiblik la

Ou pa p janm wè Mitch McConnell, Prezidan Sena Ameriken an, yon Repibliken, kanpe

Joe Lambert


ap chèche lage po mango anba pye Trump non.

Wòl misye, etan ke lidè Repibliken yo, ki an majorite nan Sena a, se pouse “legislative agenda” administrasyon Trump la. Li pa gen lòt responsablite sou do l.

Se sa ki fè avan ou wè administrasyon an voye yon “bill” pou yo vote nan Sena a, li menm avèk tout lòt lidè Repibliken yo nan Sena a, espesyalman “Majority Whip” la, John Cornyn, rankontre avèk gwo tèt yo nan Mezon Blanch la pou yo ka wè èske yo gen ase vòt pou “bill” la pase. Nan moman sa yo, anpil negosyasyon ap fèt avèk senatè yo, sitou sa yo ke vòt yo pa fin garanti a, pou yo ka konvenk yo pou yo vote pou “bill” la kapab pase. Lè y ap negosye avèk senatè sa yo, se lè sa a y ap mete oubyen retire nan “bill” la bagay ki pou rann senatè sa yo konfòtab politikman pou yo vote pou li.

Se konsa wi bagay yo dwe fèt nan kèl ke swa chanm nan –chanm sena a oubyen chanm depite yo. Se pou sa ou gen yon majorite nan yon chanm. E majorite a vote yon moun ki soti nan kan yo ki pou prezidan chanm sa a. Lè moun sa a vin prezidan chanm sa a, li pa la pou l kanpe nan opozisyon a pouvwa a.

Se sa ki fè nou di Youri LATORTUE pa gen plas li ankò nan tèt Sena a. Misye ap pratike yon vye politik tradisyonèl san sans, yon politik glise po mango anba pye Président Jovenel Moïse, pou li ka montre li entelijan, li se gwo tèt nan politik. Voye misye ale chita nan asanble a pou nou tanpri. Moun tankou misye yo, se la yo dwe ye –nan asanble a.

N ap kore Joe LAMBERT pou prezidan Sena Repiblik la. E si lè misye rive nan pòs la, li panse l ap vin pratike menm vye politik tradisyonèl san sans Youri LATORTUE t ap pratike a, nou menm jodi a k ap sipòte li a ap kanpe an fas li. Politik la dwe fèt yon lot jan –yon jan eklere.

A laughing Matter: Crooks In The Haitian Senate Want To Fight Corruption

I stand strong with Madame Marie Carmelle Jean-Marie –Economy and Finance Minister: summer of 2012 to April 2013; April 2014 to January 2015 –who wrote to Senate President Youri Latortue to  demand that a thorough audit of ALL the public funds be conducted by the bogus Senate Anti-corruption and Ethics Commission, chaired by Senator Youri “Mr Clean Wannabe” Latortue.

We need to be clear on one thing: this bogus commission is doing nothing serious but putting a show of demagoguery politics with the sole purpose of destroying the integrity and character of certain former public servants, PM Lamothe’s for instance.

All these senators and deputies, including those in that said commission, are a bunch of crooks who want to make themselves pass for saints. Youri knows damn well he has no moral authority to head that commission, for he himself is nowhere near being clean. So they need to stop all this show of demagoguery politics to focus on what really matters for the people.

Corruption is plaguing three-year-old Providence Hospital in Gonaïves, built by the Canadian government and donated to the Haitian government for the health care needs of the people in Youri’s own Artibonite District. Where is Youri “Mr. Clean Wannabe” Latortue in all of this? He went AWOL on this one. How come? Doesn’t he call himself the corruption czar of the Senate?

As I had said before in my previous blog post, the system breeds corruption. Fix the system, there you fix the corruption problem besetting our public administration which these Mr Clean Wannabes “want” to do away with.

2021 Haiti Presidential Election: Youri “Mr. Clean Wannabe” Latortue Is Out To Destroy Lamothe’s Chance.

From left to right: Youri Latortue and Laurent Lamothe

Youri LATORTUE, who is playing Mr. Clean politics in the Haiti Senate, is not clean himself. In fact, I don’t know one “clean” Haitian politician in existence. They are all crooks. Haitian politics is not for pious folks; the system itself breeds corruption.

Now he is claiming having talked to Eberwein –before he committed suicide on Tuesday, July 11 in a South Dade motel –who shared with him important yet mind-boggling revelations. Since the dead man cannot be around to attest to such claim, it is now up to you and me in the court of public opinion to believe such idiocy.

Let us not forget that the Artibonite senator aka Mr. Clean Wannabe was a top advisor in the Martelly National Palace during the entire President Martelly’s five-year term, meaning if corruption there was, he must have known about it, he must have been a part of it. He was not an outsider like you and me. If anything, he should be investigated. 

All this noise he is making with the commission’s so-called corruption findings is political in nature. He is preparing the public opinion for an eventual decision by his ethics committee in the Senate to deny former Prime Minister Lamothe his administrative clearance papers, which he will need should he decide to run for president in 2021. 

It is not a secret that Youri LATORTUE, the leader of Ayiti An Aksyon, will be running for president in 2021. He knows Lamothe is a VERY potential player on the ground who could be for him a fierce competitor to beat. So he has got to stop him from entering the race. And the only best way for him to do so is to use this bogus ethics committee in the Senate as his political weapon –to deny him his administrative clearance. 

Now, one mistake LATORTUE, the President of the Senate, is on the verge of making is that he is not factoring in the people in his political calculus. What will be the reaction of the people vis-à-vis the political slaughtering of PM Lamothe is of paramount importance. The people are watching… they understand what is going on. They will react. This is simply a fair warning. 

If I were Youri LATORTUE, instead of indulging in this show of demagoguery politics, I would focus more on solving the issues facing the people in my Artibonite District –where there is a 3-year-old brand new and fully equipped hospital, Providence Hospital, the only state-of-the-art hospital in the district, built by the Canadian government –in a state of “irreversible degradation.” The operation of the hospital is stalled by corruption, yet LATORTUE is playing Mr. Clean politics in the Senate. Isn’t that something? He needs to do his job; he needs to focus on what really matters. 

Is Senator Anick Joseph A Political Comedian?

Senator Francois Anick Joseph

Senator Anick Joseph of the Artibonite District, someone I used to have great esteem and admiration for, is now scooping to the lowest of the lows. Just when you think he could have spent his time pushing to pass legislation to get his district, which used to be the food-generating engine for the country, back on its knees, he wants to spend his congressional time in pettiness trying to find out how much money these President Martelly’s top political advisers (Lambert, Latortue, etc…) are getting paid to advise the president. Seriously, is this the senator’s newest punchline in his career of political comedian or what?

See, this is what you call vile demagoguery politics. In the realness of things, for the sake of checks and balances, what the senator is doing is exactly the right thing to do, and I do not think any objection to that could have stood ground. But it seems as though these folks in the so-called opposition to the Martelly administration want to enforce the law, that is if such recommendation is one of the senator’s constitutional prerogatives, only when it best serves to advance their political agenda.

Where was Senator Anick Joseph then when Moise Jean Charles was working in the National Palace as President Preval’s political adviser? I am sure President Preval had, like President Martelly, a gang of political advisers, too. If so, where was Senator Anick? I guess he was not in the Senate at the time, for I did not hear his voice wanting to institute his concept of checks and balances. Well, let us not be too harsh on the senator. Maybe that law that gives him the authority to find out how much the President Martelly’s top political advisers are getting paid had not made its way in the books yet. Right, Senator Anick?

Now you see why no one really wants to take the motives of this man and his acolytes at face value, right? I think they are in the wrong business. I should have been watching them on television doing stand-up comedy; they are a bunch of political comedians to me.