A laughing Matter: Crooks In The Haitian Senate Want To Fight Corruption

I stand strong with Madame Marie Carmelle Jean-Marie –Economy and Finance Minister: summer of 2012 to April 2013; April 2014 to January 2015 –who wrote to Senate President Youri Latortue to  demand that a thorough audit of ALL the public funds be conducted by the bogus Senate Anti-corruption and Ethics Commission, chaired by Senator Youri “Mr Clean Wannabe” Latortue.

We need to be clear on one thing: this bogus commission is doing nothing serious but putting a show of demagoguery politics with the sole purpose of destroying the integrity and character of certain former public servants, PM Lamothe’s for instance.

All these senators and deputies, including those in that said commission, are a bunch of crooks who want to make themselves pass for saints. Youri knows damn well he has no moral authority to head that commission, for he himself is nowhere near being clean. So they need to stop all this show of demagoguery politics to focus on what really matters for the people.

Corruption is plaguing three-year-old Providence Hospital in Gonaïves, built by the Canadian government and donated to the Haitian government for the health care needs of the people in Youri’s own Artibonite District. Where is Youri “Mr. Clean Wannabe” Latortue in all of this? He went AWOL on this one. How come? Doesn’t he call himself the corruption czar of the Senate?

As I had said before in my previous blog post, the system breeds corruption. Fix the system, there you fix the corruption problem besetting our public administration which these Mr Clean Wannabes “want” to do away with.