For The Sake of Accountability, Pierre-Louis OPONT Ought to Be Fired

Pierre-Louis OPONT, the President of the Provisional Electoral Council

Pierre-Louis OPONT, the President of the Provisional Electoral Council

After reading this Nouveliste article, Opont a-t-il appris la lecon ?, I could not contain my feeling of discontentment to learn how the August 9 elections were rigged with serious irregularities and violence.

In my humble opinion, I think this Pierre-Louis OPONT ought be fired; he is a failure. Only in Haiti do you see failures being honored and remunerated; only in Haiti do you see someone who blatantly failed in his mission being kept in his position to further fail the nation again and again every chance they get.

Does ACCOUNTABILITY hold any meaning to these people at all?

With responsibility, comes accountability; with accountability, come reward and punishment. That being said, Pierre-Louis OPONT, as president of the electoral council, had the responsibility to gather all available resources at his disposal to successfully organize the Sunday legislative elections. Instead, he brought us shame and despair with his shortcomings. So because he failed to deliver exactly what was expected of him, meaning in accordance with the terms of the mission entrusted with him, he must be held accountable. In other words, he must be fired.

In fact, this man has a track record of failure. He was a high-ranking cadre in the Gaillot Dorsainvil Provisional Electoral Council of 2010; we all know what these guys had done with the elections and how miserable they had failed the country. And we turned around rewarded one of the authors of the electoral blunder with the leadership of the current electoral council. How smart! You cannot be putting failures like OPONT in positions of leadership and expecting successful results. It is not going to happen.

So for the sake of accountability, Pierre-Louis OPONT, the actual had of the electoral council, ought to be asked to resign or be fired –for having miserably failed the country with these bogus elections. The longer he stays in his position, the more tampered the people’s trust will be in the electoral process.

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