Mirlande Manigat -leader of RDNP

All RDNPists and supporters of Mirlande Manigat, do not say I am not being fair for having given tips to Martelly on how to beat your leader in the next election and not given you anything. This time is yours to be served. This piece is going to give you tips on what to do next going forward.

Let me begin by saying this: if after more than 25 years in the existence of RDNP Mirlande Manigat is the best you guys have to offer, something is not going right inside the party. After this election, the party itself needs to do a soul-searching exercise to fix what needs to be fixed and change the entire Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

I think Patrice Dumont, had he represented the party in the election, assuming he has a clean record, could have made a better showing than Manigat. Generation wise, he and Martelly fit in the same bracket. He’s a media personality, Martelly is a stage personality. He seems to have a strong education background, which, in my opinion, could have been a major mismatch for Martelly.

With him in the race, the battle could have probably not been waged on the leadership front as it is now with Manigat; but, rather, on who has the best vision for the country.

To be fair, though, Manigat’s plan does sound great ON PAPER. It is so great that I think Martelly is going to have to steal some parts of it. But, if elected, does she have the leadership spine and the iron fist to implement it? The answer is a fat and loud NOOOOOO. She is weak and symbolizes failure. That’s why she is going to lose this race which should have been hers to lose.

After this election, the RDNP party must take some time to redefine and reintroduce itself. You must fire Mirlande Manigat and entrust the leadership of the party with a new generation of leaders with a clear agenda to win control of the presidency and have a strong congressional presence in Congress and mayoral presence all around the country in the next five years. You never know what may happen; I may become a registered RDNPist -with a complete reshuffling and a new leadership, of course.

I bet you are not going to do that; she is going to be kept in her place until she dies or decides to retire. Why should she be asked to relinquish her position? After all, the party is her private property; it will disappear or cease to exist with her death. That’s basically the life expectancy of most political parties in Haiti. They disappear with the death of the founder.

Well, you don’t need to listen to my advice. What do I know? I am a nobody.


  1. Though Patrice Dumont will one day be a great candidate for RDNP, Mirlande Manigat is the woman of the moment and the future president of Haiti because:

    1) She is a WOMAN and Haiti has been ruled by men for all 207 years of its existence and it is time for a CHANGE. We know that Haitian women are the potomitan of Haitian society and it is time they start seeing representation. As the author of “Etre Femme en Haiti hier et aujourd’hui: Le Regard des Constitutions, des lois et de la societe”, she is much better placed to serve the interests of Haitian women suffering acts of violence under the tents than her opponent who is known for his misogynistic lyrics and has famously said: “Soufri pou soufri, pito se madanm mwen ki soufri.”

    2) Mirlande Manigat is Secretary General of RDNP and has built the party from the ground up with her husband for the past 32 years. Meanwhile, her opponent the singer Sweet Micky DOES NOT HAVE A POLITICAL PARTY and is a newbie to politics. It is widely known that Repons Peyizan is simply a legal entity with no history. IN A COUNTRY SO POOR OF INSTITUTIONS, Mirlande Manigat must be credited for heading the only real political party in Haiti, one that possesses cells all over the country and the Haitian diaspora!

    3) For the past 30 years, while Sweet Micky was singing, dancing and running with paramilitary group FRAPH, Mirlande Manigat, a doctor in International Relations from the Sorbonne, was educating thousands of Haitian young adults at various Haitian universities in Haitian constitutional law and international relations.

    4) You said it yourself, Mirlande Manigat has scripted a wonderful plan for Haiti, one that sets forth REALISTIC priorities: Education, Relocation of those under the tents and infrastructure — unlike her opponent’s recent promise to build a university in each of the 500 or so communal sections of the country!!!


  2. I agree with you about Patrice Dumont. I am pretty sure the general public (i.e. majority of voters) would identify with and support him more than they do Mrs. Manigat. Don’t underestimate her or her supporters though.

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