These Lavalas Anarchists Must Be Out Of Their Minds


These Lavalas leftists, anarchists, communists, extremists with anti-American sentiment in Haiti –like Turneb Delpe, Moise Jean-Charles, Edmonde Beauzile, Mirlande Manigat & Co –must be out of their minds if they think the international community would let them sabotage the progressive agenda of the Martelly administration so they could get to power in Haiti.

In a population of 10 million people, they can only manipulate a few thousands in Port-au-Prince –with money they had obtained through kidnapping and drug trafficking –and they wanna make believe that a majority is against the president. Don’t they know that majority had already expressed itself 3 years ago by electing Martelly president?

These folks had spent 20 years in power in Haiti and left behind for Martelly a devastated place you would not dare calling a country. For doing so would have been an insult to the person who had introduced the word [country] in the English lexicon. Today they are acting as though they had never been in power, and that they do not have a track record to judge them on. Their record is sitting right there in our recent memory, so there is no way we could be so amnesiac.

We will not let them take the country back to the dark era of kidnapping, gang-related crimes, dechoukaj, Pèlebren, kraze brize, etc… we must and will continue to move forward by quarantining and keeping them away from the National Palace by any means necessary.

Martelly will complete his term and will pass the gavel to his successor, who will come out of the presidential election he [Martelly] will have to organize. Democracy is all about continuity of the democratic process, and that is what we Haitian democrats believe in.

In a democracy, there is only one prescribed way to get to power, and that is through a democratic electoral process. These Lavalas anarchists refuse to play the democratic game by its rules because they know they cannot get to power in Haiti in a fair, honest, inclusive and transparent election –the majority of the people do not want anything to do with them, and they know it.

George W. Bush, for instance, was elected president twice in the United States. By the end of his second term, he had become very unpopular. In spite of his unpopularity, which had rendered him very vulnerable, the American people did not take the streets in protest every week to ask him to resign. They know better than that; they are a busy people who do not have time to waste. They had expressed their anger in the polls twice by electing and reelecting President Obama -in 2008 and 2012. That’s how things are supposed to be done in a democracy.

In this political conjuncture the country has found itself today, we have a choice to make: either we opt for a democratic Haiti, where the rule of law is highly valued, or we want to plunge the country in a state of anarchy and lawlessness with these Lavalas anarchists.

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