Kissing lesbians

The most popular Creole word there is to refer to a lesbian is “madivin.” It is a pejorative or derogative term to call someone. But in reality, if the etymologists are relying on the phonetic of the word “madivin,” they could deduct that it is from the French words “ma divine” or the English words “my divine,” meaning something holy and sacred. The question I have been asking is this: how could a holy and divinely inspired word such as this get to have a negative connotation in Creole?


  1. the word Madivine should be replace to anoher words for real,if people use the bible to do bad then there is nothing else they won’t use

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  3. In regard to the etymologist reference….is that an assumption of your part or fact? If we were to use the full word “madivinaise”, what words would come out?

  4. Anvan meriken rantre nan peyi a mo pou 2 gason sete gason makome! Mo pou lesbyenn sete madoda, kouchkouch, frotez, krekez etc… Men apre okipasyon amerikenn kom blan yo te konn di “my sissy” ki vle di mon cheri eh byen massissi pwan nesans. Ak retou me religiez de peyi Lafrans, briskeman madoda tounen madivinn!

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