Michel J. Martelly, Haitian presidential candidate

The Haitian political class needs not to be infuriated at Martelly for the warm acclamation he has received from the people. Rather, they need to reexamine themselves to find the problem and fix it.

Martelly “tètkalebobis” should be the least of their worries. Tèt fè mal sa yo genyen an, se pa li ki ba yo l. 😀

They are to be blamed for both phenomena -the Aristide phenomenon and the Martelly phenomenon.

You thought these people would have learned a thing or two from the Aristide experience in the 1990 election, right? Apparently, they had not learned anything.

Aristide, a priest-turned politician, slaughtered his rival, Marc Bazin, the face of the status quo, at the polls. He won the election with an avalanche or “lavalas.” That was then.

Today, here we are on the verge of experiencing an encore presentation of that historic experience.

If Martelly, a musician-turned politician, gets elected president of Haiti in this election scheduled for March 20th, it will be another major blow to our political class of traditional politicians. In fact, it will not be just a blow; it will also be a hot and thick load of spit in their faces.

Some are arguing that in a country where things are being conducted with a certain level of standard, Martelly’s name would have never been on the ballot. Well, neither would have the names of these bozos who have been occupying the political landscape ever since after the collapse of the Duvalier regime in 1986.

Now, in an attempt to prevent such an embarrassment from occurring again, some are proposing that the Haitian Constitution of 1987 be amended to impose restrictions (in terms of education level and political experience) to determine who can run for the presidency in Haiti. This is the most preposterous idea I have ever heard in my lifetime as a political junkie.

The determination as to who is qualified or not to be president should be left to the people to make at the ballot box, not by imposing restrictions on honorable citizens. Such idea is very condescending and elitist to say the list. It is like saying that Al Sharpton, Ross Perot, Donald Trump and Ralph Nader are not qualified to run for president of the United States because they have never been elected to serve in any capacity. This is just ludicrous.

Martelly did not emerge out of some type of a spontaneous generation incident of nature. Another words, “se pa yon kout loray ki te kale l.” He is a response to the failure of that class of politicians. Clean your ranks, then you will never have to worry about another Martelly to become a challenge to the status quo.

Martelly is not to blame for the rejection of these bozos by the people. The people have rejected them for a specific reason, which is that they have never missed the opportunity to fail and embarrass the country; they don’t inspire trust. Until they get their acts together, they’ll always be rejected; we will always have another outsider like Martelly to surprise them again.


  1. Exactly, the problem is not one man problem he cannot be one man solution and Martelly is not the answer of the problem.
    Are you going to let a foot Doctor makes decision on your Brain Surgery?
    We always try to manipulate the people when it comes election time or when we want to advance our personal agenda. Five years ago the same group of people took the street to elect Preval. Today we used the same group to go against him. It was the same for Aristide

  2. And Aristide didn’t embarass us? We are losing sight of the big picture: HAITI. It is not who speaks the people’s language or who has the most diplomas, it should be about WHO HAS THE BEST PLAN. We all know which problems Haiti suffers from and which solutions could help, but HOW are either one of these candidates going to implement such changes has yet to be answered.

  3. The problem with the Haitian political class is that it is made up of two types Cretins and Hustlers who are hell bent on acquiring power. but once they acquire power, they don’t have a two-bit clue on how to maintain it.

    As much as they are vexed by Martelly lack of degrees, they need to be vexed by the fact that despite their degrees, they are imbeciles. Haitian politicians need to go back to their respected university and demand a refund. It seems that many of them fail to read and understand Machiavelli’s book “The Prince.”

    Two most important rules Haitians wannabe politician do not seem to understand. 1. Appearance is everything. 2.While you need not be loved, you should never be despised. It’s one thing to be a crook but it’s all other for everyone to know that you are a crook!

    Look at American politics, it’s so much corruption going on, but you can’t prove it. the minute one among their ranks get caught, he is forced immediately resign as to not taint the whole crew in the eyes of the public.

    When have a Haitian politician ever care about the opinion of the Haitian public other than during election. Win or lose, they do nothing in between the five years to gain trust, respect or admiration. anyone can easily prove their corruptions and crimes.

    Be it Preval, Aristide, same thing, Cretins! They had the people love and trust but how did they turn that love into respect? instead they turn it into hate. There is a thin line between love and Hate that is why you foster respect because people can agree that they don’t necessarily love you but they would rather deal with you because at least you are doing your best to help.

    Take Aristide, in 1990s you could not touch him, the majority of the people were truly on his side. Now its a small faction of people who are still supporters. by 2004 in second terms you had the country divided and many calling for him to leave. You can say he got kidnapped but you cant deny all the students and workers going on strike and doing mass demonstration against him.

    Preval on his first term managed ok. He wasn’t loved like aristide but he wasn’t hated! by the end of his second term, he was dog poo.If Preval/celestin was smarter or had a brain for development, we would not be talking about Martelly, we would be under a Celestin adminstration by now.

    How could a smart politician blew it this badly, I mean really,Preval did not have to do much to reap the benefits. The NGOs had all the money and all he had to do was apply public pressure on them to spent the money. the people would have loved him for that and they would want a continuation hence Celestin.

    all he had to do is visit the people in the camps, make sure the NGOs did their job, provide free lands for shelter, I mean the govt own most of the land and he can use imminent domain and make the NGOs pay the owner for fair market value on land with clear titles and for land with disputed title he could have put the money in escrow and let the title holders duke it out in court as to who has a valid title and entitle to the money.

    It’s really not that complicated to run a small country with ten million people if your mind is devoted to development and not just on the obsession of acquiring power.

    Anyways I can go on!! this post is too long already.

  4. Vous savez quoi? Si Manigat remporte les élections, cela voudra dire que les haitiens et haitiennes se seront fait jouer royalement un sale mauvais tour, orchestré par une poignée d’élite qui aime arracher le pouvoir aux artisans du futur, à cette jeunesse haitienne pourtant brillante, ces jeunes qui se mobiliseront de toute façon, dans les années à venir, pour reconstruire le pays sous le soleil chaud. De plus, une victoire de Manigat enverra un message clair, la jeunesse haitienne ne compte pas, puis cette dernière ne pèse pas non plus lourdement dans les décisions électorales; et encore plus, je dirais que le peuple haitien, aux yeux du monde, ne vaudra que d’être des “bébés la la” qui ont besoin d’une maman pour les allaiter, leur donner la fessée et leur dire quoi faire… C’est depuis 1804 que cela dure! Et l’haitien n’aura pris son indépendance contre le maitre blanc que pour finir par dormir, comme un gros taré, dans les bras de maman qui, de manière sous-entendue, l’aura manipuler avec l’aide des étrangers. Et oui, pour sa propre petite cause, Mirlande ferait tout, même vendre le pays face à une désobéissance du peuple.
    Puis sociétalement, cela ne nous étonnera pas non plus que de voir les femmes haitiennes se lasser que de fréquenter ou de s’occuper à longueur de journée de tous pleins de gros adultes “bébés la la”… Mais ça c’est si elles iront jusqu’à se mettre aux services de ces messieurs, même après une victoire de Manigat, le pouvoir étant finalement passer de l’autre côté…
    En tout cas, moi, je suis à l’exterieur du pays; et de voir que la jeunesse haitienne laisse passer une occasion de grandir me désole pour eux. So, sad!

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