From left to right: Flav & P-Jay

This video clip of the song entitled Fok Mwen Ale by P-Jay featuring Athlet “Flav” St. Fleur of the Konpa band Gabel, produced by RKM Recordz and directed by LC Studios, is a breakthrough in the way videos are being produced in the Creole Rap circle.

Anyone who listens to the song can easily depict this basic fact that it is a love-story-based one brought to us in harmony initially on CD and now on the screen only to cater to our needs.

The interaction between the rapping skills of P-Jay and the R&B spice of Flav added into the mix makes a perfect combo, and it is deemed to play well on the sensuality of the ladies.

This piece would not be honest writing if it fails to address the professional touch the directing party, LC Studios, brings into the filming and editing of the clip. From the actors’ audacity and boldness (to keenly play their roles) to the craftsmanship of the directing party, everything is perfectly assembled.

Fok Mwen Ale, whether or not it is based on a true story, is yet to be determined. One thing we know for certain, however, is that it is exposing a very serious issue, one many out there have dealt with in the past or are currently dealing with.


The story is about P-Jay and Ms. Sariah, who were in a romantic relationship for some time. And like the majority of the relationships out there, theirs was going great initially until something happened that got him to be doubtful of her faithfulness; he had a gut feeling that she was having an affair outside the relationship but was not sure who the person was. In his effort to uncover the “whole” truth, he hired Garou, a private detective, to help him get to the bottom of it. What transpired from Garou’s report was that, indeed, she was having an affair with this woman named Kira. When P-Jay got the breaking news, he went ballistic and still would not believe it until he saw with his own eyes that the two women went out on a date and, on the table where they sat at, found two glasses of wine with red lipstick on them.

What could possibly have gone wrong in the relationship to push her to cheat on him with a woman? Could it be that she has always been a closeted bisexual or he pushed her to turn to someone of the same sex to give her the things she has been craving for in the relationship?

However divided we can be in the rationale we tend to use to get the situation to make sense to us, we all can agree on one thing: this is very humiliating; no one man would want to be in such predicament.

Most men would rather see their woman cheat on them with another man than with a woman; such brings their ego and pride down and makes them feel less than a man.  

Unlike P-Jay, who sees no other alternatives but to leave the relationship, some men would have stayed and possibly allowed themselves to be taken in sandwich by the two women. To these men, P-Jay lacks in his manhood for leaving the relationship; he needs to step his game up.

See, while most men would find issues with their woman cheating on them with a woman, it is a big accomplishment or ego-booster for them to be in a ménage à trois with her, where the women are doing each other.

There is a reason why this video is one of the most viewed Creole Rap videos on Youtube for the two weeks or so it has been released. The reason is that -aside from the niceness of the song itself and the professional touch of the video director -there is a story being told in it, and the sex acts are or appear to be real (with real kisses and touches), at least as far as our eyes can see.

Whatever your moral acuity is, do your best to watch it with an open-minded attitude and enjoy it for what it is –a video clip. You may call the cheating woman, Ms. Sariah, immoral for what she did, but she may not see it that way. In her eyes, she may see it as embarking on a quest for happiness. After all, what she thinks of her action is what matters.