As Haitian migrants living in America, English is NOT our language. We are only using our audacity to speak it as though it is ours; we are not doing too bad to adapt thus far.

I have a big complex, and I do believe others do as well. I am not too demanding, but I demand some degree of standard. If you are in the promotion business trying to convince me to buy whatever it is you are selling, if you cannot write, hire someone who can to handle the promotion literatures for you.

My complex is this: if upon opening the promotion literature to read about whatever it is you are promoting, I realize that you cannot even write to express yourself clearly (from the very first word to the very last, you make typographic or intentional mistakes), I move on; I don’t even finish reading. I cannot take you seriously, regardless how great of a product or service it is. So you just lost one prospective client/buyer/consumer.

Marketing, which promotion is a pillar of, is all about playing in the psychology of the buyer. So as a seller or promoter, you must do the best you can to inspire trust and confidence in the buyer. The buyer will not just trust or believe your word that this service or good you want him or her to buy is not a fraud just because you say it is not. So if through your promotion literatures you cannot inspire that level of trust and confidence, you will soon be out of the door. In other words, you will not get far.

The only remedy to that is to acknowledge the fact that you need help in that department and bring on board someone who masters the writing aspect of the business to help you out. Don’t assume that you can do everything on your own. It is okay to have limitations. We all have limitations. There is nothing wrong with that. That’s why you need a highly qualified and up-to-speed staff to help you to achieve the level of success you are aiming at. It is all about making a positive impression. If you can do that, assuming that your service or product is up to or beyond par, you will get far.

ALL successful business entrepreneurs surround themselves with a team of experts to help them bring a vision to completion, why not you? Well, then again, not all entrepreneurs are in business to be successful, though that to me is a little odd.

Well, I hope you promoters and sellers out there get the point I am making and are not trying to resist. You don’t have to listen to me; I am a nobody. BUT if you are smart enough, and I want to believe that you are, you will stop being judgmental and listen to the logic embedded in these words. I am a nobody who just wants to help; hopefully, you will find these words of advice helpful.

Oh, by the way, since someone on Facebook, who could very well be reading this and find it helfpful as well, allegedly called me a plagiarizer, I want to earn your trust by telling you that I did not plagiarize this opinion online. It is MINE; so you are given the green light to make it your own.  😀


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