Mirlande Manigat’s “fanm kore fanm” (English: women support women) political statement has a sexist undertone. For someone who has never missed the opportunity to make of her political education and experience a line in the sand, that statement of hers has proven her political amateurism.

That is not a simple slip of the tongue type of misstep; that is her campaign political slogan. Political slogans are not crafted lightly, meaning the words are meticulously chosen. What I am getting from that slogan is that, if becomes elected, she is someone who could be discriminating against ALL men.

We need to avoid being divisive as much as we can. We have been on that route before with Aristide -who had positioned himself as the president of his partisans, excluding those were not. Therefore, we already know what the results will be.    

The Manigat campaign has been making the morality argument for some time now to torpedo Martelly. Her revealed sexism, “women support women,” should be a campaign stopper. Martelly must drive this argument home. He needs to use it against her to raise doubts about her being a fair president. She cannot deny having used it in many instances, for it is her own campaign slogan.

Martelly has been put on the defensive for too long. He needs to reverse that trend. The morality argument, though proven ineffective, must not be taken for granted. It could start picking up steam as the days towards the end of the campaign are approaching. So he needs to go on the offense and force her to use the few weeks left in the campaign to explain herself. He could use a 30-second negative political ads or something to make the sexism argument against her. He must not wait too long to make that happen. Though he is leading in the polls, he must not be too comfortable. He needs to fight her as though he is on the losing side of the spectrum. In politics, you don’t win until you are declared a winner. So he needs to go after her hard.

The most effective way to fight political opponents is to use their own words and acts against them. Remember what the Jerry Brown campaign did to Meg Whitman in California during the gubernatorial race in that state? They destroyed her in one week using this political ads. Mind you, she was running neck and neck with Brown in the polls. In some polls, she was even leading. Don’t take my word for it; see it for yourself .

In politics, if you can raise doubts about your opponents, you are in good standing. As you can see, the purpose of the ads was to link her to the failed economic policies of Governor Schwarzenegger. Doing so had made the case for Jerry Brown that Meg Whitman, if elected governor, will be another Schwarzenegger in terms of policies. Therefore, it would be insane using the same failed policies and expecting different results. Before she knows it, her campaign was over. That was a brilliant ads.


Martelly, I just handed you your ticket to victory. Don’t you ever say I have never given you anything. When you are in the White House in Haiti, I don’t need anything from you, except that to take care of the people’s business with highest honors and highest regards.

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