[Videyo] Vin Aprann Souse Bwa Nèg Nou Nan Men Daphney


Espri majorite frè ak sè Ayisyen m yo twò fèmen pou yo gade e konprann enpòtans videyo sa a. Taye se yon zafè toutafè natirèl ke sa ye, men sepandan anpil moun wont pou yo pale de sa nan konvèsasyon ke yo genyen avèk moun.

Pale de zafè taye a menm limenm, se bagay majorite Ayisyen [gason tankou fanm] pa santi yo konfòtab pou yo fè. Yo renmen taye, men yo pa ka pale de sa pou yo ka gen konesans nan domèn nan.

Pwoblèm nan se yon pwoblèm edikasyon serye ke li ye. Le fèt ke majorite nan nou fè edikasyon akademik nou an Ayiti, kote zafè edikasyon seksyèl andedan lekòl sanse pa ekziste menm, sa vin kreye yon gwo konplèks lakay nou pou n ap pale de taye an piblik e an prive. Depi ou ta alèz pou w pale de taye, moun yo tèlman enferyè nan fason ke yo panse, si se fanm ou ye, yo gentan kategorize w de tout vye bèt –bouzen, chawony, koupèz, pèlen, chacha, moun fini, elatriye. 

Menm andedan kay an prive w ap pale avèk moun nan wi, li enkonfòtab pou l pale de sijè ki gen afè taye ladan l, kòmsi yo pa bezwen edike yo sou bagay konsa.

Ebyen, se rezon sa a wi ki fè anpil nan nou ap antre nan taye san preparasyon sikolojik, entèlektyèl e edikasyonèl, ki trè souvan toujou mete nou nan cho. Se yon gwo danje sa ye.

Taye se menm jan avèk nenpòt ki enstriman danjere –tankou zam, machin, elatriye –ki ka koz lavi nou. Alòs, si n ap antre nan fè bagay konsa, fò k nou antre ladan l avèk konesans sou ki jan pou n sèvi avèk li pou n pa tonbe nan tèt chaje –pou n pa pran vye maladi epi pou n pa tonbe nan fè pitit san preparasyon, k ap deranje lavi nou.

M bat yon gwo bravo pou Daphney ki pran tan li pou l ap edike anpil fanm Ayisyèn ki pa konnen ki jan pou yo souse bwa nèg yo, ki jan pou yo bay nèg yo bon sousad nan gou Jezi. Alos, m swete nou aprann kèlke choz nan gade videyo a.

P.S. Daphney fè videyo a nan lide ke se bwa nèg nou n ap souse. Li pa voye n al pran bwa nenpòt nèg ki rèd epi pou n ap foure nan bouch nou pou n ap souse. Gen maladi ke w ka pran nan souse bwa. Alòs fè atansyon e pran prekosyon.

Sex Affair: This Lady Came On My Show To Denounce Her Pastor

The Sunday night just passed, I had on my radio talk show this lady who was in a clandestine relationship with her divorced pastor. She said she kept it clandestine upon his advice because he would not want her to go public with it.

She came on the show to testify how she caught him in his house having sex with this other woman, who is a deaconess in the church and whose husband has an immeasurable trust in him.

She used her cell phone to film the lady and the pastor together. She made a big scene inside the house and even threatened to beat the crap out of the lady.

Two Sundays before she came on the show, she went to church as though nothing happened; he stopped and told her she was not allowed in and in the vicinity of the church anymore.

After she was denied entry, she left to go sit inside her car parked on the road passing in front of the church to talk to a friend on the telephone. As she was talking, a cop came to question her about the exchange she just had inside the church with the pastor. That’s when she found out that he (the pastor) was the one who called the police on her.

She said she is not the first to have fallen in the pastor’s prey. For that reason, she has been touring all the media outlets in the Haitian community in New Jersey to denounce the pastor’s mischievousness so other women will not have to experience the same setback.

What happened to that lady is nothing new. Some of these guys have been doing that for some time now. They have been preying on women in their congregations, causing many families to be destroyed. It was about time someone, a victim, as courageous as that lady could come out to blow the whistle on these kinds of sexual abuses these pastors have been perpetuating on the women in their congregations.


Sex is a major component in determining one’s level of happiness with life. Many aspects, such as socioeconomics and psychosociology of sex, can negatively impinge on one’s sexual life.

In Haiti, for example, one (male or female) could be in their mid or late 20’s and never have to experience the beauty of sex. And socioeconomics, determining the level of privacy a person can have, has a lot to do with that.

More than likely, if your parents are not financially fortunate enough to have the luxury of possessing a sizeable house, where you and your siblings can have their own rooms and all, you may end up having to share a room with four or six siblings, sometimes indiscriminately of gender and age. In such environment, the probability that you have this room all for yourself to spend quality time with your partner is very negligible to the point of nonexistent.

Another aspect of the issue is the psychosociology of sex. Most of us Haitians don’t look at sex as a need to be satiated; we see it as an insulting, derogatory and shameful act. In Haiti, having sex in your parents’ house (knowing that there are people around) is a NO-NO. That cannot happen. It is viewed by most as disrespectful and a violation to the rules of the household. It is unacceptable by all standards for one to even be with their partner in their own room and have the door shut.

Here, in the US, it is not the same. Privacy in the American society is a big concept. Parents start instilling that value in their kids as early as 2 or 3 years old. And the reason for that is because of socioeconomics, giving them the financial easiness to afford such lifestyle.

Also, here in the US, once you turn 18, you don’t have to live at your parents’ house. They would have to beg you to stay. You can have a job and enjoy the privacy of your own place, move out and stay in a college dormitory, or leave your parents’ house to go to the military. You have so many options to choose from, it’s not even funny.

In this country, they have a more liberal and open-minded attitude towards sex than we Haitians do. Here, sex is being looked at as a need. And at 13, 14, or 16, some parents won’t mind if they are to find out that their sons or daughters have been having sex. They will make sure they teach or remind the kids to always protect themselves. Some of them, the more open-minded and liberal ones, not only will they be concerned if they know that at a certain age their sons and/or daughters don’t be having sex, they will even buy them condoms to use when or in case they are having sex.

Unlike in the US, in Haiti, privacy is a matter of luxury, which only the very fortunate few can afford. Unless they can afford a hotel room to have some privacy with a mate, which is very unlikely, or they have a friend that can make his/her bachelor setting or dwelling available to them, don’t be surprised to find out that they are in their mid or late 20’s or even 30’s and have never had sex.

Between the Haitian lifestyle and that of the Americans, I would not claim that one is better than the other. BUT, for the sake of enjoying the beauty of privacy, if most Haitians were asked to choose one that is more appealing and suitable to them, I am sure they would settle for the American way.