The Next President of Haiti…

The next president of Haiti should be able to see the country from the prism of a technological revolution. 

We have been too far left behind the technical boom for too long, it is time now to play catch-up.

It is our state of mind that keeps us in that economically and socially underdeveloped or deprived state of affairs we are in, not because “God is punishing us,” as some of these “levanjil tèt mare” love to suggest.

We need to revolutionize the way we think, the way we see or perceive ourselves and the world around us.

From my observation, I see there is a total philosophical disconnect between the Haitian at home [and some of us living abroad] and the rest of the world. We need to bridge that gap, and the only best and most logical way to accomplish that is by means of a technological revolution.

We need to bring the internet to the entire population, including those living in the country’s most secluded areas –assuming the electric energy problem the country has been struggling with has been intelligently dealt with in its entirety. 

The mobile technology, coupled with the internet, will change the way we learn, study and communicate. In large, that will change the way we see ourselves in relation to the world.

A technological revolution is what we need to change the collective psyche of our people in the long run, which, in turn, will make possible the economic and social development we have been hoping to see become a reality in the country.

Here is the question: in light of the 2021 presidential election, which prospective candidate do you think has the potential –political vision and leadership acumen –to bring about that aforementioned transformational change?

A laughing Matter: Crooks In The Haitian Senate Want To Fight Corruption

I stand strong with Madame Marie Carmelle Jean-Marie –Economy and Finance Minister: summer of 2012 to April 2013; April 2014 to January 2015 –who wrote to Senate President Youri Latortue to  demand that a thorough audit of ALL the public funds be conducted by the bogus Senate Anti-corruption and Ethics Commission, chaired by Senator Youri “Mr Clean Wannabe” Latortue.

We need to be clear on one thing: this bogus commission is doing nothing serious but putting a show of demagoguery politics with the sole purpose of destroying the integrity and character of certain former public servants, PM Lamothe’s for instance.

All these senators and deputies, including those in that said commission, are a bunch of crooks who want to make themselves pass for saints. Youri knows damn well he has no moral authority to head that commission, for he himself is nowhere near being clean. So they need to stop all this show of demagoguery politics to focus on what really matters for the people.

Corruption is plaguing three-year-old Providence Hospital in Gonaïves, built by the Canadian government and donated to the Haitian government for the health care needs of the people in Youri’s own Artibonite District. Where is Youri “Mr. Clean Wannabe” Latortue in all of this? He went AWOL on this one. How come? Doesn’t he call himself the corruption czar of the Senate?

As I had said before in my previous blog post, the system breeds corruption. Fix the system, there you fix the corruption problem besetting our public administration which these Mr Clean Wannabes “want” to do away with.

2021 Haiti Presidential Election: Youri “Mr. Clean Wannabe” Latortue Is Out To Destroy Lamothe’s Chance.

From left to right: Youri Latortue and Laurent Lamothe

Youri LATORTUE, who is playing Mr. Clean politics in the Haiti Senate, is not clean himself. In fact, I don’t know one “clean” Haitian politician in existence. They are all crooks. Haitian politics is not for pious folks; the system itself breeds corruption.

Now he is claiming having talked to Eberwein –before he committed suicide on Tuesday, July 11 in a South Dade motel –who shared with him important yet mind-boggling revelations. Since the dead man cannot be around to attest to such claim, it is now up to you and me in the court of public opinion to believe such idiocy.

Let us not forget that the Artibonite senator aka Mr. Clean Wannabe was a top advisor in the Martelly National Palace during the entire President Martelly’s five-year term, meaning if corruption there was, he must have known about it, he must have been a part of it. He was not an outsider like you and me. If anything, he should be investigated. 

All this noise he is making with the commission’s so-called corruption findings is political in nature. He is preparing the public opinion for an eventual decision by his ethics committee in the Senate to deny former Prime Minister Lamothe his administrative clearance papers, which he will need should he decide to run for president in 2021. 

It is not a secret that Youri LATORTUE, the leader of Ayiti An Aksyon, will be running for president in 2021. He knows Lamothe is a VERY potential player on the ground who could be for him a fierce competitor to beat. So he has got to stop him from entering the race. And the only best way for him to do so is to use this bogus ethics committee in the Senate as his political weapon –to deny him his administrative clearance. 

Now, one mistake LATORTUE, the President of the Senate, is on the verge of making is that he is not factoring in the people in his political calculus. What will be the reaction of the people vis-à-vis the political slaughtering of PM Lamothe is of paramount importance. The people are watching… they understand what is going on. They will react. This is simply a fair warning. 

If I were Youri LATORTUE, instead of indulging in this show of demagoguery politics, I would focus more on solving the issues facing the people in my Artibonite District –where there is a 3-year-old brand new and fully equipped hospital, Providence Hospital, the only state-of-the-art hospital in the district, built by the Canadian government –in a state of “irreversible degradation.” The operation of the hospital is stalled by corruption, yet LATORTUE is playing Mr. Clean politics in the Senate. Isn’t that something? He needs to do his job; he needs to focus on what really matters. 

Kissing in Public by Gays and Lesbians Has Just Been Made a Crime in Haiti.

This guy, Jean Renel “Zokiki” SENATUS, is such a fool. In his “Good Citizenship” bill, which just got an up vote or a vote of approval in the Haiti Senate, one can read: “If two people of the same sex are caught kissing in public and such act is documented in court records, these two citizens won’t be able to obtain a ‘Certificate of Good Citizenship,'” a required document, like a criminal record here in the United States, for anything a person wants to accomplish in Haiti.
So, technically, these fools in the Haiti Senate have just passed a law to criminalize kissing in public by two people of the same sex who happen to love each other. These two people, according to Senatus and his pals in the Senate, are not allowed to show or express their emotions in public.
This law is going way too far. That’s infringement upon the people’s personal lives in a country said democratic.
Excuse my ignorance: How do these legislative propositions, as serious as they sound or are, get voted on in the Haiti legislature? Did we even have a debate in the Haitian society on this particular matter before considering bringing the bill to the Senate floor for a vote? Did we even bother finding out through public opinion polls what the people’s sentiments are on the matter? 
Well, I just thought the world community would wanna know about what is happening in Haiti –a country in the backyard of the United States, the oldest democracy in the region. Kissing in public by two people of the same sex has just been made a crime in Haiti. There you have it.