On The Election of Jocelerme Privert…

I am an institutionalist, meaning I believe in my country’s institutions. You cannot call yourself a democrat and not being an institutionalist. The very essence of being a democrat is to value the well-being of the state institutions.
The Parliament, the place that houses the people’s representatives, has opted for Jocelerme Privert, a Lavalas, to be the country’s interim president. Even though he and I don’t agree on almost anything, I must abide by the decision and welcome him with his new hat in his new function.
But let’s not sidetrack here. Privert, per the February 6 agreement between both the Legislative and Executive branches of government, has a clear mandate; it is for him to:
a. put in place a credible electoral council, one that can inspire trust to everyone;
2. put in place an appeasement strategy to bring peace on the streets and thereby guarantee the safety and security of EVERYONE so to allow a considerable and sizeable amount of the population to turn out on Election Day;
3. conclude the electoral process so the country could have a new president by May.
All in all, he has three months to fully execute his mandate, and he has the Haitian people and the international community watching him.
He will have to start working on day one towards the execution of his mandate. His failure to fully satisfy the recommendations of the accord will automatically render his tenure as provisional president caducous.
So I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until he could prove to me that he has a hidden agenda, in lieu of his mandate. He needs to understand that he is the president of all of us, including those of us who have stark philosophical, political and ideological disagreements with him. His greatness as a statesman will be measured by his ability to lead the country through a peaceful transition which must end with the closure of the electoral process.
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