Evolution: Cubano Did It Again


It’s 2:00 AM, I am currently auditioning EVOLUTION, Cubano’s latest album, which I just purchased for a derisory price tag on CDbaby. This is, indeed, a Konpa evolution by any standard.

Skah Shah #1 has evolved to something totally modern. When you have an array of talented artists in the caliber of Shedly Abraham, Jean Max Valcourt, Yves Albert Abel, Danny P just to name a few contributing to this project, you cannot expect anything less than a masterpiece –with potential to transcend generations.

I highly recommend it; you will not regret the investment. No, I am not getting paid for this little shout-out. To me, this is nothing but a small token of appreciation for a piece of art so well crafted. BRAVO!!!

Songs to watch for their hit potential:

Rev an Mwen


Macho Man

Allons Danser


Contributing artists:

1 – On The Move (Evolution) [feat. Shedly Abraham, Jean max valcourt & Yves Albert Abel]
2 – Reve an mwen (feat. Shedly Abraham)
3 – Aimer (feat. Shedly Abraham & Jean Max Valcourt)
4 – Macho Man (feat. Shedly Abraham, Jean Max Valcourt, Yves Albert Abel & Bobby Jam)
5 – La vie pa Konplike (feat. Jean Max Valcourt)
6 – Skah Shah #1 (feat. Shedly Abraham, Gazzman Pierre, Roberto Martino, Jean Herard Richie, Michael Guirand, Shabba Djakout Mizik, Olivier Duret, Mac D Talon, Ti Joe Zenny, Prince Ello, Stanley Toussaint, Kenny Desmangles, 5lan & China Blak)
7 – Allons danser (feat. Danny P & Yves Albert Abel)
8 – Maria (feat. Shedly Abraham, Jean Max Valcourt & Yves Albert Abel)

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