I am going to say again what I have been saying for the longest: the situation of insecurity plaguing our beloved Haiti has become very structured, institutionalized and politicized. I hope you are able to see now what I have been seeing for some time now.

The assassination cases of such high profile personalities as Antoine Izméry, Jean Dominique, Guiteau Toussaint and others are not isolated; they are remotely controlled by politicians. Politicians are behind these terrorist acts. I hope you can convince me to believe otherwise.

As you can observe, the investigations to find the authors of these assassination cases can never reach an official conclusion; it has been years since we know these cases have been investigated.

This is common practice in Haiti. There is a reason why these investigations seem to always be and stay endless. The reason is simple: they never end because they have never started.

Now, we have a choice to make: either we are going to allow these terrorists to take the country hostage or we must take matters into our own hands if the state is declared weak and not strong enough to protect us.

We cannot afford to sit idle while these terrorists are terrorizing the population. We must do something NOW; the situation is that urgent.

I do strongly believe that “Pè Lebren” or DEATH BY FIRE for these terrorists is the only recourse. How many Izmérys, Dominiques and Toussaints must be cowardly assassinated before we do something?

I propose that -when we catch and find these terrorists guilty of the crimes they are accused of -we do not waste the people’s time and resources keeping them alive in jail; we BURN THEM TO DEATH. Until we do that, they will always be more Toussaints, Izmérys and Dominiques to cowardly go down; the situation of the country will get even worse than it is now.


  1. You’re right Emann… it’s getting to the point that anyone who really can will be afraid to enter the political arena. It is a very dark time in our history. Especially now, I also believe like you we need to be radical in order to bring civility back. There is always going to be some sort of opposition to get results but hell who cares, as long as we have peace and if we don’t have peace at least we won’t have kidnappings and assassinations like these.

    Good going brother

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