Both the Ugandan president, Mr. Yoweri Museveni, and Mr. David Bahati, a Ugandan lawmaker, are members of “The Family,” an American faith-based and anti-gay organization.

In March of 2009, after several members of the organization had traveled to Uganda for what they called the “Seminar on Exposing the Homosexuals,” containing claims that gays pose major “dangers” to society, and that a “gay agenda” was in the making to “defeat the marriage-based society and replace it with a culture of sexual promiscuity,” Mr. Bahati introduced an anti-gay legislation calling for the death penalty against gays in certain cases of same-sex intimacy.

Not only does that inhuman, cruel, insane and ridiculous legislation call for the death penalty for gay men repeatedly having sex with other men, and for HIV-positive men having sexual relations, it also calls for tough penalties for anyone who fails to report gays to the authorities.

This is what would happen to any human society where the practice of religion is not closely monitored and controlled to prevent it from interfering with the running of the state’s affairs.

This is another case of religious insanity, which we find almost everywhere around the world, particularly in the third world countries. This guy David Bahati needs to be ashamed of himself. I cannot believe he would allow these foreigners to travel thousands of miles to come order him (like a master would order his slave) to introduce a legislation calling for the death penalty for his own citizens.

Wait a minute! Let’s put things in perspective here. Don’t we have gays in the United States? How come these American evangelicals don’t push for their crazy and nonsensical agenda in their own country? They cannot be acting out of love for the Ugandan people. There is no way they could possibly love the Ugandans more than their own.

These Christian foreigners need to get out of Uganda’s socio-political life. They take it upon themselves to travel to other countries, with the complicity of their local slaves in the government, to act in ways they could have not possibly acted in their own country -the United States.

This insanity could have taken place in my own country, for these American evangelicals travel to Haiti every year to hold their “evangelical crusades” in an attempt to soil the soul of the people.

There is a good reason why you see them in countries such as Uganda and Haiti. And the reason is POVERTY -the best fertilizer for the seed of religion to grow. Wherever there is poverty, you can expect religion to mushroom.

The poverty in my country makes my people very vulnerable to the paws of these evangelicals to prey on. So we need to keep eyes on them so that, with the complicity of their political cronies in the government, they don’t turn Haiti into another Uganda, where politicians want to send gays to death row.


  1. To an extent religion already has mushroomed in Haiti. Most American Haitians I talked to are mainly evangelical Christians that border on fundamentalism. Most have a very negative opinion of homosexuality so it wouldn’t take much to push it to the next level. You can’t just blame the issue on nutty Christian Politicians in the United States…the Catholic Church is a strong franchise in poor countries.

  2. All I can say about those evangelical christians is they’re hypocrits.Many of them engage in homosexual acts within the church that’s why they can’t push their crazy ideology in the US.

  3. Your title is so misleading, christianity today does not promote violence of any kind against anyone. In every group you will always find people who go to the extreme. It is so sad what is happening in Uganda,it is insane.
    Malgre mwen pa supote genre se lifestyle sa yo, mwen rinmin e respekte tout moune e si yo banm oportunite map pale avek yo de lanmou Bondye e de sa pawol li di, not just homosexual but anybody.
    homosexuals should not be put down nor beaten nor denied jobs because of their preference. we should have hate crime and discriminatory laws that protect them and others(just like in the state) ..i think homosexuals should have their own religion/ building too be validated and married within that circle.
    Mwen konnin ou post sa ti group sa ap fe a pou bash christianity, mwen minm se Ayiti’m soti, mwen konnin sa kom fact si se pat levanjil Ayisyen te jwenn pou chanje ke yo..nou tap nation ki pi ruthless and evil pou jan nou fo nan djab, kout poud, rayi e tuye fre ak se.

  4. What is so perverse about these Christian Evangelicals is that they have some nerve pointing fingers in the direction of Gays, condemning, and passing judgement, just like the pharisees and the religious hyppocrites did back in Jesus times. Meanwhile they are living like criminals! Jesus himself referred to them as “snakes and vipers”. Of course… it’s not surprising that Christian Evangelicals are preying on the under privileged, the poor third world countries, like Uganda, and Haiti. Amazingly, these same evengelicals are living a double life. They are like the bible states: Sheep in wolves clothing seeking to devour.” Their camouflage is indeed the gospel which we know they never follow, so they pretend to be one thing, when in reality, we know for sure that they are the Devil in disguise!!! The same death that they wish to inflict on the Gays in Uganda should be inflicted right back to them for being dispecable, low lives, and big time fools. May they choke and vomit on their own ignorance!!!

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