Daniel Gerard Rouzier

I don’t mind playing politics, for politics itself is a tricky game of chess. What I cannot stand, though, is when politicians are playing backyard politics with something that could best serve the common interests of all the citizens of a nation.

I could not believe my ears when I heard on the news that some of these so-called politicians in Haiti were putting people on the trail protesting the nomination of Daniel Gerard ROUZIER as Prime Minister -an honest, decent, proven, competent and qualified Haitian man.

Some of his detractors or so-called opponents have gone as far as calling him a racist mulatto only in their attempts to dive in their class warfare or race politics which has gotten us in the quagmire we find ourselves today. This is the kind of divisive, close-minded and obsolete politics we do not need and are running away from.

No one Haitian should be submitted to a race or identity test in order to occupy a political or elected position in Haiti. I, a dark-skinned Haitian, cannot claim being more Haitian or loving Haiti more than Rouzier, a light-skinned Haitian. This is a stupid and silly argument which I am not going to lose my valuable time to get into. I leave that to these stupid and retarded Haitian politicians; stupid heads make stupid arguments.

When will these “ratdokale” politicians ever get it? We the people have spoken loud and clear (with 67+% in the last presidential election) that we don’t need you people anywhere near our political turf. Please go away! Find other hobbies to occupy your time; politics is not your forte. In fact, the accession of President Martelly to the highest office of the land can attest to that. Such choice symbolizes a solid line drawn in the sand between the past and the future.

I have seen in ROUZIER exactly what I have ever wanted to see in a Prime Minister  -youth, competence, freshness of ideas, leadership, visionary, compassion, love for Haiti and its people, discipline, toughness, a man/woman of principle, knowledge (in terms of how capitalism and the global economy work).

He is a great choice for the country -one that shows you exactly where President Martelly wants to take the country in this 21st century, in the post-Preval-Aristide era.

We -the new generation Haitians -will not sit idly letting these bozos mess up the country any further. Time has changed, so must be our politics.

I am calling on Senator Joazile, the big man running the nomination process in the legislature, to use his sense of political cleverness and astuteness and not let partisan politics blind him.

So assuming that everything is legit with ROUZIER in terms of the constitutional recommendations, for the betterment of our beloved country, he must be ratified. Politics should NOT stop him, not this time. I am urging Senator Joazile to get his troops on board and ratify the president’s choice. ROUZIER is the choice for the future.


President Michel J. Martelly

I am going to go straight in this to tell you to stop playing games with these politicians in the legislature. Most of these guys do not have the people’s best interest at heart; they are driven by partisan politics.

As you can see, they are out to control several key ministries –agriculture, education, interior, justice, etc… -representing the pillars of your agenda.

You campaigned on reforming the education system, restoring the authority of the state, strengthening our economy through a total reform of our agriculture, reforming our justice system, etc… If you let them gain control of these key agencies, you are doomed.

This is your first political clash with that body; you’ve got to win to show these vultures in the Senate and the House of Deputies that you can pull some muscles. This is a psychological warfare, which you must win by any means necessary.

If anything, follow Obama’s footsteps. You cannot go wrong if you do. Here is what David Axelrod had President Obama do (By the way, he is President Obama’s top political strategist): To get the health care bill ratified in both chambers of Congress, he, after realizing that the Republicans and the Blue Dog Democrats were playing politics with the bill, had the president traveled across the country on campaign mode to promote the bill and thereby got the people to rally behind him. Had he not done so, the bill would have not passed.

That’s exactly what you ought to be doing. Don’t forget that politics is a weight game. Don’t be too quick to negotiate, for it is very unwise to negotiate in a position of weakness. You don’t have any political base in the legislature. Your strength is in/with the people; therefore, reach out to them to put pressure on the parliament to have the choice of ROUZIER approved. You’ve got to win this.


President Michel J. Martelly

Ekip relasyon piblik gouvènman peyi a sipoze genyen yon paj Youtube ki OFISYÈL menm jan Mezon Blanch nan peyi pa bò isit Ozetazini genyen youn an. Men pa Mezon Blanch la: http://www.youtube.com/user/whitehouse#p/u/14/BvwB0guyuNk

Nan ekip medya gouvènman peyi a, sipoze genyen kameraman pwofesyonèl ak fotograf pwofesyonèl (m pap pale de matchòkwèt non; m ap pale de moun ki ale lekòl e ki konn sa y ap fè a) ki pou toujou ap deplase ak prezidan an, premye minis la ak lòt gwo tèt nan gouvènman an pou y ap filme e pran foto gwo evènman sa yo k ap pase nan gouvènman an.

Videyo sa yo, lè yo fin filme yo, sipoze poste sou paj ofisyèl Youtube sa. Sa fè pati de sèvis relasyon piblik gouvènman an.

Konsa, lè yon gwo evènman tankou seremoni envestiti Prezidan Martelly an  oubyen seremoni drapo a ki te fèt nan Akayè maten an fin pase, si yon moun ta anvi ale gade l sou entènèt, li pa ka ap depann de vye boutlèg videyo ki pa ofisyèl nenpòt moun ap poste nan Youtube. Sa pa fè bèl e li pa fè sans.

Jan w toujou ap di a, Prezidan Micky, e mwen antyèman dakò avèk ou, fòk nou kòmanse ap vann yon lòt imaj de Ayiti. E ide sa m ap ba w la, limenm tou rantre nan kad vann yon lòt imaj de Ayiti a. Nou ka fè ti sa. Li pa anyen; nou reyalize pi gwo bagay pase sa.


Kidnapping and planned homicide in any country are acts of specialized terrorism. In Haiti, such acts have become common practice. Almost every single day you wake up, you hear on the news that someone gets executed point-blank or kidnapped, creating a situation of constant fear in the population. Something must be done and must be done NOW to secure the nation so that investments (foreign and national) can start pouring in the country.

These criminals -kidnappers and murderers -in Haiti are domestic terrorists; we need to call them what they are. Therefore, dealing with them requires bold actions which must be part of a national security strategy apparatus.

Let us be clear on one thing: President Martelly campaigned on the urgency to revamp our agonizing economy by encouraging investments and creating jobs, which is awesome. But, sorry to say it, that will not happen if we cannot secure the country. Investments and criminal activities do not mingle or cohabit. Whenever crimes become a matter of normalcy within any territorial space, investments flee. That is just the way it is. So to attract and keep investments within our borders, we have got to win the war on crimes.

President Martelly must develop a comprehensive strategy to fight domestic terrorism and attract and prevent investments from fleeing to other countries competing against us for cheap labor. What must he do to address this national security issue which is poised to be one of the most pressing challenges of his administration?

To address this national security issue, President Martelly must:

1. ask the help of the international community to train a National Security Force (NSF) with the objective to dismantle the criminal cells and capture the criminals dead or alive.

a. Such specialized elite force will be composed of 500 or 1000 well trained and equipped military personnel.

b. The force will have an Intelligence Unit to infiltrate the criminal cells and collect pertinent intel in terms of their locations and their activities so they can be stopped before they hit their high value targets.

c. To lower the cost of training this force, they could proceed with the recruitment of Haitian citizens who had served in foreign militaries.

2. restructure the Interior Ministry and refocus its mission  to respond to all threats with the potency to compromise or endanger our national security -fighting drug trafficking, kidnapping, organized crimes and secure the nation.

a. The National Security Force should fall under this agency, which should be run by people with expertise in intelligence and national security. These people will constitute the team to advice the president on issues pertaining to national security.

In conclusion, candidate Martelly promised during the campaign to revamp our economy by encouraging investments (foreign and national) and creating jobs. There is no way such promise could become a matter of reality if he does not develop and implement a national security strategy to dismantle the terrorist cells, capture these terrorists dead or alive and secure the country. We cannot let these terrorists control the country and terrorize the population. Fighting terrorist activities is not the job of a police force, especially not of one as limited, ill-trained and ill-equipped as the one we have. Stopping or killing these terrorists requires that we place ourselves ahead of them, and such must be the president’s biggest national security priority. You do not play with terrorists; you capture them either dead or alive.