I have been hearing the saying “love is blind” since I don’t know when, and people are still repeating the nonsense. I am sure I am not the only one to have been hearing it; you too have. Is it really love that is blind, or is it that at times our naïveté leads us into making the foolish, dumb and stupid decisions?

All of us are blessed with the capacity to think and reason, differentiating us from these four-legged animals. Love is indeed powerful, but its power can never get to overpower that of our sense of reason which all of us possess. I am not buying that.   

Relationship is not made for kids to get into. It is a grown people thing. It is not a game; it is a serious matter. It can mess you up to the point where your entire psychological self may need to literally be reconstructed. Choosing someone to be and stay with cannot be a gamble or a game of chess. It has got to be the result of some serious thinking.

Being with someone is just as serious as driving a motor vehicle. The only difference is that, unlike to operate a motor vehicle, you are not required to be licensed to be in a relationship with someone. But, in analogy, driving a vehicle and being in a relationship are basically the same. If love can get you blind, you should not be in relationships, for you will become a danger or a matter of disturbance to yourself and others.

If you realize that you are losing your 20/20 vision, my advice to you is to let someone else drive you around. In other words, if you feel like that love is getting you to lose your sense of logic and start acting foolish, dumb and stupid, maybe you need to do something about yourself. Take a relationship vacation or something until you recover your vision. I have been in the game for some time now, never have I lost my 20/20 vision. So quit saying love is blind. 😀