The Lavalas Anarchists Are Shaming The Haitian Nation

Lavalas terrorist

In a democracy, when you disagree with the way the leading party is running the country, you don’t ask them to hand over the gavel to you… you present to the people a better way, a sounder alternative and convince them to vote the people in power out and vote you in. It is done like that to guarantee political stability and the continuity of the Republic.

From following the news out of Haiti, it is obvious that the Lavalas folks starkly disagree with the politics of the Martelly administration. That’s fine because that’s their right to disagree just like it is other people’s right to agree. But we should hold the elections so we could allow the majority of the electorate to have their say.

Political disagreements are common in every democracy; therefore, they are not a Haitian problem. What seems to be problematic, though, is the way we go about them. But democracy in itself is made of disagreements –the very essence of this form of government.

Having political disagreements is a very good thing in a democracy because it gives the opposing parties the opportunity to argue and make their case so that an advised electorate could decide through a democratic election. That’s how it is done in all the democracies around the world, including the United States, Canada and France.

Unfortunately, these morons, these goons, these so-called intellectuals, these “geniuses” –who call themselves political leaders in Haiti –don’t seem to understand this very basic.

What can you expect from political charlatans like Mirlande Manigat, Edmonde Beauzile, Turneb Delpe, Dieuseul Simon Desras, Moise Jean-Charles, John Joël Joseph, Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aime, Arnel Belizaire & Co? These folks are shaming the entire nation with their moronic and obsolete ways of solving political disagreements in the country.

Martelly is not a dictator like these Lavalas anarchists want to make believe, they are because they want to impose their way and will on the rest of the people –by taking hostage the electoral process. Let’s take it to the poll in a democratic fashion and allow the people to settle the political disagreements or contentions. That’s how we proceed in a democracy.

For the past three years, they have spent their energy on nothing serious other than blocking Martelly’s every step in an attempt to prevent him from putting in place the electoral mechanism to organize the elections.

It is crystal clear that they do not want democratic elections in the country because they know they cannot win –the people have rejected long ago their terroristic politics of dechoukaj, Pèlebren, kidnapping, drug dealing, corruption, lawlessness, intimidation by assassination, etc.

After their 20 years in power destroying everything Duvalier had left behind, the people do not want them anywhere near the National Palace. They do have a track record they will be judged on, let’s have the elections. No need to be afraid.

Sadly, the political conjuncture in Haiti is very depressing and embarrassing. We Haitians have become the laughingstock of the international community. You only have to read the comments from the readers reacting to these negative press reports out of Haiti on the Miami Herald, CNN and AFP websites to see how we are being viewed and talked about by some around the world. Frankly, it takes a lot of courage from any Haitian living abroad to –in spite of all the hogwash going on in the country with these retarded and wannabe politicians –want to unveil their Haitian nationality. Now I understand why some of us feel ashamed to say they are Haitian. Not all of us are courageous like some.