My Message To Lavalas: Accept Defeat And Congratulate The Winner

Lavalas, the Haitian political left, has spent the last 30 years doing nothing but dechoukaj and kraze brize; they failed to offer the country an alternative, a better way to the “old way” [Duvalierism] they had fought and brought to the ground.

Sunday night, the Haitian people have spoken loud and clear, unambiguously. They rejected the terroristic agenda of the Lavalas left to embrace the message of hope Jovenel Moise has proposed and the inspiration he embodies.

The vote is a clear testimony that the people of Haiti want to see their country doing better on the global stage economically, politically and socially. And they are unequivocally convinced now, finally after 30 years of dechoukaj and kraze brize, that the extremism politics of the Lavalas left is not the path to take.

My message to my Lavalas brothers and sisters is this:

Losing an election is never an experience any politician would want to endure. I get that. But that’s the nature of the game –if we must picture politics as a contact sport.

This is not the time for bickering, certainly not the time to be indulging in terrorist activities. In spite of our political and ideological differences, we are condemned to live together as brothers and sisters.

More than ever before, this is the time to take the high road –show a little civility by accepting defeat and congratulating the winner. Spend ample time in retreat to assess what went wrong having caused you the election; strategize and come back stronger than ever before in mounting an open-minded opposition to the Jovenel Moise administration. The country needs you in that capacity to keep the next administration in check so to maintain the political equilibrium necessary for the well-being of our democracy.

There will be many more elections to come. Get to work today so the outcome of each and every single one of these next elections could be different and better for your side of the spectrum. Dechoukaj and kraze brize will not do it, nor will it help the country move forward. After three decades of applying these same refractory, deceptive and repressive tactics, it is time to show the world that you have matured a bit and that you have grown out of the politics of cynicism. Again, Jovenel Moise won the election fair and square. I suggest that you call him to concede the race and congratulate him on his victory. It is never too late to do the right thing, to do what the civilized world is expecting of you.

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