Should Moise Jean-Charles Be Reelected To The Haitian Senate?

The job of a senator in any country’s senate is mainly to champion legislations that could better the lives of his/her constituents. This same definition does apply to all of our senators in the Haitian Senate, including Moise Jean-Charles, the senator from the country’s Northern District.

In light of that, has Moise Jean-Charles fulfilled successfully, commendably and honorably his legislative mission or responsibility? That’s a very good question, one that can be the object of a serious debate among the people in his constituency.

Depending on whom the question is directed to, the answer will be different. Some will say “yes,” some will say “no.” But regardless who wins this debate, one thing we know for certain is that we the people from the other districts did not send him to the Senate. So it does not come to us to make such determination.

With responsibility comes accountability –an important concept in public service and everything else in life. When you have the responsibility to do something, you must be held accountable. And that is exactly what is missing in the world of Haitian politics.

In Haiti, we have a representative democracy, meaning instead of having the entire 10 million of us talking about the issues that matter to us, we delegate people to do the job for us. And these people are in the country’s Parliament.  We call them senators and deputies.

So when you elect someone to represent you, when you delegate authority to someone to talk on your behalf and defend your interests, you have the utmost responsibility to hold that person accountable. And the fact that we do not have a culture of accountability in our politics, that poses a major hindrance or impediment to our democracy and, by proxy, the forward progression and upward mobility of our nation.

Now, let’s directly address the people from the Northern District, the people who elected Moise Jean-Charles to represent them in the country’s Senate. Your senator [Moise Jean-Charles] will be running for reelection, I presume. He will be coming to you to ask you to reelect him.  If you people are not a bunch of airheads, before you cast that vote to renew his employment contract to send him back to the Senate, you will evaluate his legislative report card to see the bills he had sponsored and cosponsored during his tenure as Senator of the Republic.

You people from the Northern District sent the man to the Senate, so it comes to you to evaluate and hold him accountable. The rest of us from the other districts cannot do your job for you; he is not running for the presidency –a statewide office. If he is going to run for president, then that will be a different story. But for now, if ever he decides to run for reelection, if ever he comes before you to ask for a renewal of his employment contract, you must exercise the power of your vote to deliberate on his legislative accomplishments. That, at the very least, is expected of you; that is your civic duty.

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