PM Lamothe Should Not Resign

Prime Minister Lamothe visiting Port-de-Paix, the administrative capital of the Northwest District.

Prime Minister Lamothe of Haiti visiting Port-de-Paix, the administrative capital of the country’s Northwest District.

PM Lamothe should not resign, nor should he give in to the pressures coming from the Lavalas‬ opposition, the drug dealers, the kidnappers, the criminals, the crooks  and the gang leaders. His destitution has to be constitutional, meaning the Parliament has to convene to vote him down.

I thought these folks in the Lavalas opposition were for the respect of the Constitution, though. Maybe I misunderstood what they had been saying all along.

The Parliament, a state institution, had voted PM Lamothe up; they have to vote him down if/when they want him to go. That is what the Constitution demands, that is how we must proceed. The Constitution is our compass; we must be guided by it.

If the parliamentarians decide to keep the Prime Minister in, nothing the Lavalas opposition can do about it. The deputies and senators are the true representatives of the people, not the Lavalas thugs on the streets, who do not represent even 1% of the population. 

We opt for the respect of the Constitution to settle this case. We are in a representative democracy, so we must let the institution of the Parliament decide on the fate of the Prime Minister. That is all we are asking. Meanwhile, the Lavalas anarchists can keep dancing and chanting on the streets until they fall dead.

Yes, to every exceptional situation an exceptional decision is warranted, but that does not mean we have to depart from the prescriptions of the Constitution.

We are not saying that PM Lamothe is untouchable, and that he cannot lose his position. What we are saying, though, is that if he is going to be let go, it must be done in harmony with the spirit and dictate of the Constitution. Any other way will be unconstitutional, and we must not engage in unconstitutionality to settle this contention.

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