World Wide Village: NGO To Be Investigated In Haiti

This article “Confession of a Haitian working for an American non-profit organization in Haiti” by Myrlande Charelus is the type of story these politicians in Haiti need to read so they could wake up from their coma. She has made some serious revelations in her blog, which the authorities in Port-au-Prince can use to start an investigation on the operation of World Wide Village (WWV) in the country.

I am not one to unjustly bash these non-government organizations (NGOs) in Haiti because I think they are instruments that must be put to good use by the people they are there to serve. However, when they are taking advantage of the misery of the people for their own selfish gains, then we have a problem.

Where is the Haitian government on this? When will we start seeing some structure put in place to coordinate and oversee the activities of these NGOs currently operating in the country? What is the sense of having hundreds of NGOs in the country, yet the dire reality they are there to tackle is getting worse? One does not need to be a rocket scientist to realize that something is not going right.

The majority of these NGOs are not doing anything concrete to render the situation in Haiti better. Most of these workers, in my opinion, are over there vacationing and enjoying the nice weather while getting paid mad money for not doing a damn thing. Who would not love such a job?

If, following a thorough investigation by the Haitian authorities, the charges can be proven factual and accurate, that non-government organization known by the name of World Wide Village, the NGO being exposed in this aforementioned blog, needs to be asked to leave the country.

President Martelly needs to remember that he had made a campaign promise to regularize and structure the operations of these NGOs in the country; we are IMPATIENTLY waiting for that day to come. We will not forget.

11 comments on “World Wide Village: NGO To Be Investigated In Haiti

  1. Thanks a lot for the support. Thanks for reading also thanks for commenting about it. We, as Haitians need to stand up for Haiti and stop these people who are getting rich and richer on the the back of Haiti. Haiti di li bouke ak moun sa yo, we need to put a stop to it. And the time is now!

  2. Perhaps before an “expose” is undertaken merely upon the opinion of an uninformed, disgruntled volunteer, facts should be checked and allegations verified. It is unjust to hide behind the anonymity of the internet and make unfounded accusations without first checking their validity.

  3. There are also other interns who will tell you that not all of the things in MC or Samantha’s blogs are facts. Nobody should believe everything they read on the internet because it’s not always true.

  4. World Wide Village is proud of the high standards they set for how they work with and support the people of Haiti and what they expect from their staff and interns. Unfortunately, the two people above whose writing is being used to slam World Wide Village ran afoul of these standards and when they were called on their behavior they lashed out in revenge. World Wide Village failed in not vetting these interns well enough. They failed in their behavior then attacked with lies and ignorance. This site, and any other site, that gives any credence to what these two are saying without first checking the facts for themselves, should be ashamed. Anybody who has any questions about the commitment or quality of the work World Wide Village does in Haiti should visit their website at, look under the “About” tab and check out this NGOs Form 990 filings. If that doesn’t satisfy, then call World Wide Village and have the courage to speak to the people there instead of hiding behind the internet to spew bile and spread lies!

  5. Let me first say that the only behavior I was called out on was being too loud at the dinner table. I live life to the fullest and like to have a good time … sorry, not sorry!

    If you’d like to talk to me directly about what I’ve said in my blog post, then I’m more than willing. I still stand 100% behind what I’ve said, as so many other individuals.

    I didn’t set out to “attack” World Wide Village; instead, I wanted to be a voice for the ones that can’t speak for themselves.

    You pointed people to the website for all the “good” WWV is doing. First off, the website is not .com. And second, that is one of my biggest problems with WWV; they have a lot on their website that is short from the truth.

    Where are the dozens of margana trees that were planted? – oh yea, goats ate them.

    Where are the gardens involved in the garden project? – there’s 1 or 2 left, but the others didn’t survive because of lack of water.

    Why is medical advertised on the website, when WWV doesn’t even have a license to run clinics anymore?

    Why is nutrition listed as a current program when the orphanages WWV claims to be helping aren’t getting adequate nutrition?

    Where’s the Medical Mamba program that WWV claims to be involved in? – I’ve been here for 2 months and haven’t seen any evidence of this program, except for the fact that there’s a couple bags of medical mamba just sitting at WWV’s intern house.

    What about the warehouse that WWV claims to have? – oh yea, they lost it and everything inside because the rent wasn’t paid.

    Why has there been a 100% turnover rate in staff over the past couple months?

    Why was there no intern coordinator while you have 8 interns on the ground? – because she quit at the beginning of the summer. If you’re running an effective NGO, then you shouldn’t be in that predicament.

  6. It’s funny how Randy isn’t speaking up about the matter, yet John is. no surprise at all. John thinks my blog was written because I was mad with WWV and I wasn’t getting what I wanted. No, I was never asked these people for anything. I think I was the one who asked the least while I was there, compared to others. I was in Haiti, i knew how to get around and anytime I didn’t feel, I need to be at the WWV’s house, I would have jumped on a taptap and headed to my aunt’s house. I am not making anything up. I would highly suggest anyone to contact someone ( an employee or intern) who worked for WWV during my period there; ask that person about his or her experience and report about it. Or simply ask John from May to the first week of August, how many people who has or will be quitting WWV. of course he won’t give you a legit answer. John, I was in Haiti interning, working, helping the Haitian’s community, MY PEOPLE! while you were in the states, running Randy’s job. I wasn’t trying to bash WWV, but simply telling the truth. I am the voice of the people who can’t speak or refused to speak about WWV, that’s all. I don’t regret doing so and I will continue doing so; until WWV learns how to teach people properly. I would also suggest anyone to try to go to the same process I did, if anyone can, and tell me about your experience. Like i said before, DO YOUR ONW RESEARCH, FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, before anyone find his/herself in my situation.

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  8. I have worked for this organization since November…I like how Pat Mortensen defends them as its her and her husbands charity… I have not been paid for my work for them in 9wks…I think you have hit the nail on the head and I am glad you have called them out… I am about to meet with goverment officials about them and the international media…Should get interesting. I have saved every email and text from them since day one. They should be completely ashamed of themselves. They do NOT practice what they preach. They talk out of one side of their mouth about their christian beliefs while really they talking out of their ass.

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