World Wide Village: NGO To Be Investigated In Haiti

This article “Confession of a Haitian working for an American non-profit organization in Haiti” by Myrlande Charelus is the type of story these politicians in Haiti need to read so they could wake up from their coma. She has made some serious revelations in her blog, which the authorities in Port-au-Prince can use to start an investigation on the operation of World Wide Village (WWV) in the country.

I am not one to unjustly bash these non-government organizations (NGOs) in Haiti because I think they are instruments that must be put to good use by the people they are there to serve. However, when they are taking advantage of the misery of the people for their own selfish gains, then we have a problem.

Where is the Haitian government on this? When will we start seeing some structure put in place to coordinate and oversee the activities of these NGOs currently operating in the country? What is the sense of having hundreds of NGOs in the country, yet the dire reality they are there to tackle is getting worse? One does not need to be a rocket scientist to realize that something is not going right.

The majority of these NGOs are not doing anything concrete to render the situation in Haiti better. Most of these workers, in my opinion, are over there vacationing and enjoying the nice weather while getting paid mad money for not doing a damn thing. Who would not love such a job?

If, following a thorough investigation by the Haitian authorities, the charges can be proven factual and accurate, that non-government organization known by the name of World Wide Village, the NGO being exposed in this aforementioned blog, needs to be asked to leave the country.

President Martelly needs to remember that he had made a campaign promise to regularize and structure the operations of these NGOs in the country; we are IMPATIENTLY waiting for that day to come. We will not forget.