Maestro Richie

MAESTRO RICHIE: GAZZMAN has given you *in public* the guarantee that you need to make the transition to DISIP -to come work alongside him to take over this KONPA business.

In an interview with Gilles Freslet out of Haiti, GAZZMAN is reported on Kompamagazine stating if RICHIE were to join DISIP, “li tap tre kontan […] e Richie pa tap vin kom yon simple muzisyen, li tap gen tout dwa menm jan avel nan Djaz la pou sa maestro a reprezante nan muzik la.”

MAESTRO RICHIE, what else do you need to hear from the man I call the MARADONA OF KONPA? For your age, you probably have roughly 10 more years to spend in KONPA; after that, you will be out of the game. If I were you, I would not be playing the loyalty game and, as a result, getting stuck with a band on the verge of living its life expectancy. You do that, you are running the risk of counting pennies upon your retirement. Make these 10 years the years of money raking for you. Quit playing!!!

If you are coming to DISIP, you are going to have to demand that the band’s leadership team be reconstructed. Some of these guys have no business to be in there. You are not leaving ZENGLEN for DISIP to fail. And the success of the band lies in part in the hands of these people in the leadership team with the responsibility to manage, market and promote the band successfully. For that to happen, you have got to have in that team knowledgeable and intelligent folks, not a bunch of charlatans not having a clue as to how a business is run, marketed and promoted.

I understand you might be reluctant to jump on this offer, but keep in mind that some opportunities only come around once in a lifetime. These opportunities are called “golden” for a reason; they are rare to come around.

GAZZMAN has the delivery skills to score big and get you to win this championship. You still have a shot at it. Now that you have heard it from the big man himself, the ball is in your court to decide.


  1. I don’t even know where to start here for real. You’ve mentioned something in there that was kind of grab my attention. I couldn’t agree more when you stated “If I were you, I would not be playing the loyalty game and, as a result, getting stuck with a band on the verge of living its life expectancy.” Its a natural human instinct that one must be able to cross over. The way I see it, Zenglen is still standing simply because of Richie. He’s not the band himself, but there is something calls “marketing-progress.” If he’s the only one who keeps on producing and deliver to the public; he’s gonna fail at some point. Gazzman and Ritchie work side by side would have been something that the HMI is eager for. Ritchie needs to picture himself outside of Zenglen and draw the conclusion in term of “èské Zenglen kap maché san mwen.” Si reponse lan se non li ye, then he needs to walk out w/respect to the other fellows. There must be a lesson here, and it has begun from the beginning of creation. I know your not a big of the bible Emann, but I must illustrate something here to support everything I’ve just stated. We’ve been told that God used Moise to remove His people out of Egypt. They spent 40yrs and the desert wandering around while God had a plan for them. Due to Moise stubbornness and stupidity, he did not enter Canaan. Gadhafi had carried Libya in the back of should shoulders for some 40+yrs to install the country where it is now. Again, due to his ego and stupidity and pride; that caused him his life. MORAL: Just because you’ve started w/Zenglen or put the band where it is now, doesn’t mean things have to end w/you—Ritchie. I strongly encourage him to make the transition swiftly and smoothly~~~

  2. Good morning everyone. This is my first time interacting in this group, so I feel a little typing/commenting. But, Emann, you & I both know that I’m not shy. Well, I’m not a big fan of neither band. But, to begin on the subject of Ritchie joining Disip, I strongly believe that if he makes the transition, it would be in his favor. Because Zenglen is not what it used to be some years ago. I understand Ritchie wants to be viewed as “The King” of the band, but there comes a time when you must give in/up. I understand that you have a reputation that you have to protect, but you are ruining your own rep by staying in Zenglen and “play the loyalty game.” If I were you, I’d leave now with pride & dignity.

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  4. Zenglen is an awesome band. Since the departure of Depute Gracia, they haven’t been the same…In my opinion, Gazzman needs to disband Disip now and join the orchestra name Zenglen. I don’t see Ritchie starting all over again.

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