In obstetrics, a Cesarean Section is viewed as an extreme or last resort measure to safely deliver a fetus whose life is in peril and still save the mother’s life.

In politics, depending on the situation, we have to go against our political goodwill to take such route and save a multitude or a republic in peril.

So PRESIDENT MARTELLY may have to fortify his testicles and proceed with a POLITICAL CESAREAN SECTION by:

1. destroying the legislature;

2. voting a new Constitution -one free of Constitutional deadlocks;

3. organizing a new legislative election to put in place a new parliament to get this country to breathe again

The full implementation of such procedure should not take more than a year.

This may not be, of course, a popular measure but one worth taking. Leaders don’t do what’s popular; they do, rather, what is right.

A POLITICAL CESAREAN SECTION is not a measure I would have supported if one were to talk to me about it last week. But when I take a closer look at the political landscape, this is what President Martelly is gonna have to do IF he wants to be a successful president for his people.

This Constitution and this legislature are instruments of deadlock to literally kill Haiti. Something must be done, and that something must be done now. It is that urgent.

Haiti has been in labor for a quarter of a century; her chance of surviving a normal delivery is dangerously slim. The only way to spare her life and that of the fetus is to proceed with a POLITICAL CESAREAN SECTION by doing the three things proposed above. Other than that, all of us need to get ourselves mentally and physically prepared for death management.

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