President-elect Michel J. Martelly

I am speechless. I hope I can find the words to express my contentment for such a great victory by the Haitian people. Michel J. Martelly has won the presidency in Haiti with an avalanche (Martelly: 67.57% against Manigat 31.71%), which makes him now the newly elected president of Haiti.

I would like to personally take this moment to congratulate him for such a great and unbelievable victory over his rival Mirlande H. Manigat. He is the one to finally harmer the last nail to the coffin of the status quo. Now we can be certain that the old generation, which has never missed the opportunity to fail the country, has been buried. No more of these old faces. A new chapter now has begun for the Haitian people.

Martelly is an inspiration. He inspires me to always believe in yourself even when the multitude doubts you. When he entered the race, many, myself included, could not take him seriously. But he managed to transform himself in a very short period of time to reshape the attitude or sentiment of the electorate and get them to accept him. That is beyond political ingenuity.

He was being called all sorts of condescending names –immoral, uneducated, idiot, brute, moron; he never gave in. He had made his case to prove his opponent wrong. Do not take my word for it. Trust the latest poll. According to the official poll issued by the Provisional Electoral Council, the immorality argument, which he was arguing against, failed badly.

Now, to the Manigat supporters: the campaign is over. We cannot be on campaign mode beyond the campaign. We must switch mode. I am calling on all of you to come join hands with the new president so together we can take the country out of the abyss it has been for decades. We can do it only if we work together as one nation. I am sure you all love Haiti with the same fervor as President Martelly. So you have your seats around the table. We are all Haitians, in spite of our politics. But this is not about politics; we have something greater than that to live for, and that is our beloved Haiti.   

I have one message for President Martelly: DO NOT DECEIVE US. We will accompany you to the promise land. As long as you stand with us, you cannot go wrong. Together we shall make it. The job you just got hired for is not going to be easy; you already know it. But you can only succeed IF you lead with the people. The moment you decide to turn your back on us, you can prepare to live your own demise.  DO NOT BE AFRAID; WE ARE WITH YOU.


  1. …”This is not about politics; we have something greater than that to live for, and that is our beloved Haiti.”

    I like that quote but acting on it is the issue…
    Much luck, success and smart work for the Haitian people.

  2. I am an haitian born and have been in the US for 46 years. I have seen haitian persidents come and go with promises and promises to the haitians and left Haiti worst than they find it. THIS TINE I HAVE A GOOD VIBRATION. He seems to be genuine. May the blessings be with Him. May God fill him with love and wisdom to free Haiti.

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