There is no God punishing Haiti. Anybody, and I don’t give a damn if that person is Jesus Christ, feeding you with this nonsense is contributing to the misfortunate situation you are living as a people. And anybody who wants to contribute to your pains and sufferings is your enemy.

We have a bunch of stupid characters (Haitians and non-Haitians) in the religious circles on the ground in Haiti polluting the minds of the people in such a way to pacify and make them accept their fates as a matter of divine punishment. In their blame game, of course, they have got to go after Vodou to make it their most convenient scapegoat for every bad situation we have lived and are experiencing as a people. 

You have been brainwashed to believe that your own culture, beliefs and value system all contribute to the degrading and inhumane situations you are living. Most of these Haitian religious leaders are a bunch of modern slaves who are on the payrolls of these big Western corporate churches run by guys such as Pat Robertson and company. 

They are not telling you how we got to where we are today because they do not care to know; they do not give a damn. As long as they have you to bring them your hard earned income and they have a US visa to vacation with their families every year in the US paid for by their masters, they are living on earth “le paradis terrestre.”  They are not telling you that we are made victims of outrageous policies from the United States and all these major international financial institutions such as the IMF, World Bank, etc…

No God was behind the destruction of the Haitian rice industry, making us today the third largest US rice importer in the world with only a population of roughly 10 million people. You know damn well who was behind that and why.

No God was behind the decision to kill the country’s domestic Creole pigs, the rural economy’s second most important economic component, which has destroyed the entire socioeconomic system of the country. You know damn well who was behind that and why.

Because of the destruction of the rural economy, the economic base of the country, the peasants are/were forced out of their fertile and agricultural lands to migrate to the nearby cities to live in newly erected slums and work as domestic workers (restavèk, jeranlakou and bòn) at people’s houses.

Do not blame God for the political instable environment we have been living in ever since the creation of the Haitian state. You know damn well the people who have been behind all that and why. If this God has to be so against us, why befriending Him/Her/It then?  

Haiti’s tribulations are manmade. Of course, they have to tell you that God has cursed and is chastising us so that you can accept the abject poverty you are living in as a matter of destiny and do not do anything to change its course. And when that happens, it is benefiting them because they control you.

That is what they need to tell you; unfortunately, they are not. There is no excuse for being blind and stupid. Open your eyes and ask questions. That is why you were blessed with the capacity to reason and make sense of events.

So I hope now you have a clear sense as to what the deal is about. Next time these religious slaves come to you trying to convince you to believe that God is punishing Haiti, you need to spit in their faces, and that is if you cannot slap the hell out of them. They are your enemies; therefore, you need to beware of them.