The Expulsion of Jacky Lumarque From The Presidential Race Is Too Little Too Late

Jacky Lumarque of the Verite Party

Jacky Lumarque of the Verite Party

The Provisional Electoral Council (PEC), the nine-member institution commissioned to organize free, credible, transparent and inclusive elections in Haiti, has issued yesterday afternoon a press release to inform the population in general and the political parties in particular that Jacky LUMARQUE, the representative of the Verite Party, the party of former President Preval, in the race has been expelled for not having his discharge certificate, a requirement made by the electoral decree in its Article 90 paragraph (h).

The expulsion of Lumarque –from the list of the candidates accredited by the (PEC) to participate in the upcoming presidential election –is too little too late. It is nothing but a farce or intrigue orchestrated by Martelly and Preval to delude or baffle the people’s vigilance and make them believe that the electoral institution can be trusted to equitably fulfill its mission. We are not going to fall for that.

According to Rudolph Boulos, five of the nine members of the council receive their orders directly from Preval. In other words, it is partially controlled by a very influential leader of a political party –the supreme leader of the Verite Party. So we do not trust the institution to organize free, credible, transparent, inclusive and democratic elections in the country.

While the Provisional Electoral Council is at it, while they are cleaning up the house by excluding from the presidential race those candidates not having their discharge certificate, we are asking them not to forget to apply the same rules to these councilmembers –Pierre-Louis Opont, former General Manager of the PEC that had organized the 2010 elections; Marie Carmelle Paul-Austin, former Education Minister; Yolette Menguale and Nehemie Joseph, members of the previous PEC –who too need to have their clearance papers. Their presence in the institution violates Article 90 of the electoral decree. They cannot be enforcing a law which they are not in conformity with. Without their proper discharge papers, they have no business to be in the institution pushing candidates away for lacking the same piece of document as them.

This Provisional Electoral Council has no credibility to organize the elections; it does not inspire trust. We do not trust it to honorably fulfill its mission, which is to organize free, credible, transparent and inclusive elections in the country. We do not feel safe participating in these elections, not when we know that the institution is controlled by rival political parties. We want democratic elections in the country, not a SELECTION where the winners are already decided –without the full participation of the population.


Haitian flag

You say Dr. Gary Conille is the choice of the international community. As of yet, as always, you are engaging in what most of us Haitians do best, and that is “voye monte.” Until you show me proof that he is the choice of the international community, you can keep your nonsense to yourself.

Let’s assume that your allegation is factual in that Dr. Conille is, indeed, the choice of the international community. So what!!!! Has anything ever happened in Haiti without the infringement of the international community in our internal affairs?

When Duvalier left the country in 1986, that did not happen because he wanted to; it was because the international community asked him to. That was not interference of the international community in our affairs to you? I did not hear you so-called nationalists asking them to stay out of it and let you deal with him. Instead, you were praising them for having “liberated” the country.

Namphy, Cedras, Avril, etc… did not leave the country because they wanted to; they left because the international community stepped in to ask them to leave. And in each of these cases, we praised the international community for having taken the side of the people. Where were you so-called nationalists? How come you did not put on your nationalist hat to ask the international community to stay away?

When the US Marines landed in Port-au-Prince to pick up President Aristide, the country’s then democratically elected president, aside from his sympathizers, I did not hear you so-called nationalists protesting against the intrusion of the US in our affairs. Where were you then? You were, instead, rejoicing because you had enough of Aristide and wanted him to leave.

All the millions we just spent to organize the last presidential and legislative elections, which Preval and his crook Gaillot Dorsainvil tried to manipulate, do you know that the international community gave them to you? That’s not their interference in the country’s affairs to you? How come you did not tell them to stay away and keep their money because you don’t want them in your business?

When Preval and his crook and vassal Gaillot Dorsainvil tried so hard to steal the people’s vote, what had happened? The international community felt obliged to step in to force them to respect the people’s will. That’s not interference of the international community in the country’s internal affairs to you? How come all you so-called nationalists did not ask them to stay away and let you solve the problem on your own?

Let me answer the question for you. For each of these situations, you did not ask the international community to step aside because the intrusion appealed to your politics. You only put your nationalist hat when it is politically convenient and advantageous to you. You are nothing but a bunch of fake nationalists having nothing better to do but to mislead the people. You all need to just shut up and let the country breathe. You are acting like a bunch of animals fighting each other in the jungle, what do you expect the behavior of the international community to be? They will stop getting in your business when you can show that you are grown and mature enough to act like civilized people do, in the way you handle your affairs.


Will the traditional Haitian bourgeoisie ever win the presidency in Haiti? Not in my lifetime they will. Why is that,

Dr. Reginald Boulos

 especially when they have the financial hegemony to put together and finance winnable presidential campaigns?

Commonly, whoever controls the economy controls and dominates the politics inside that domain. Well, In Haiti, it seems as though money does not tilt nor sway presidential politics. What you need to win the presidency is not money, which only matters when corruption and fraud are added to the equation. In Haiti, what you really need to win elections is simple -you need to win the trusts and hearts of the people, which the bourgeoisie can never get to do.

The people distrust the bourgeoisie because its interests conflict with theirs. They have never been in synchrony with the people. They are the reason why guys like Aristide and Preval happen to surface as political figures and become relevant. These guys (Aristide and Preval) have been dominating the political landscape for the past two decades. Let’s not forget they both got elected twice. The only two elected presidents we have ever had in the past 20 years are Aristide and Preval. Where has the bourgeoisie been all this time? Keep reading; you will find out.

Aristide, a priest with no political platform, no political experience, no real budget, and no time to campaign won the presidency hands down over Bazin and Dejoie -who had been present actively on the ground way before the fall of the Duvalier regime in 1986.

Dejoie was the face of the little click; he was not even a close second in the 1990 presidential election that catapulted Aristide to the highest office of the land.  

Rene Preval, an amateur politician and a symbol of failure, won the two elections he participated in with a landslide over many faces of the bourgeoisie.

Wyclef, a rapper who had never been actively involved in the country’s everyday politics, if allowed to run in the November 28 presidential election, would have won the presidency with an avalanche over Baker, the chouchou of the bourgeoisie, who has been on the ground for years.

The bourgeoisie has a major problem, and it seems as though none of its so-called leaders has ever bothered to find out what it is and what needs to get done to fix it. The reason is that they are too busy sabotaging governments the people put in place to take care of the nation’s affairs.

Who are the leaders of that click again -Baker, Apaid and Boulos? If so, can someone please tell these guys that they have work to do? They have a brand problem.  They need to work towards the refurbishment of the image of their little click. They are businessmen; therefore, I figure they should know when a business needs a revamp, a reinvention or a makeover. That’s basic marketing. They don’t need an Emann Joasil to tell them that.