NIA, formerly of the Kompa group ZIN

Retrieved from “MADMAN JP ‘An artist like NIA has had the support of so many people for so many years. A lot of people want to see her make it big. The fans, the media, musicians, a lot of people want her to make it, but because of her choices, surroundings, look at where she is at now? She is still NOT at the level that she should be at.'”

“MADMAN continues ‘She started with Alex Abellard, she went to JBeatz, now she is with Jube and Sobs. What have they done for her and her SOLO career? All of that is because of HER decisions. NIA should have been doing what Misty Jean is doing right now..YEARS AGO, and she should have been one of the most popular bands/hmi acts in the business by now. A lot of people want to see an hmi female artist with her band do well in the business. NIA has only herself to blame for her career choices as a solo artist.'”

I tend to agree with Madman in that Nia is the sole responsible for her demise and shortcomings. By the same token, I disagree with him when he wants to make believe that Alex Abellard of Zin, Jbeatz and Jube of SOBs have not done enough or anything at all for her. That’s silliness!!!

Nia is a victim of a market that is not friendly to women. These aforementioned guys had done or have been doing the best they could to work with and get her out there. But, unfortunately, the market challenges they had or have to overcome to put and keep her on the map are too steep to overcome.

In this Konpa market, women are not being taken seriously. That’s why I’ve been urging them to distance themselves from that field and explore better and more promising markets -for example, the Zouk, R&B, Soul, Folklore, Jazz…

Konpa is not the only genre we have in our musical mosaic, why is it that these talented women are so obsessed with it? Why do you think Emeline and Tifane are touring the world making a name for themselves?

The Konpa market is already not friendly to you all, why wasting your valuable time and talent trying to cater to it? Seriously, I don’t seem to see the rationale behind the obsession.

I wrote about this issue in a previous article entitled “The Future of Women in Konpa Direk,” which you can read for yourself by clicking on this link:

And he mentioned the name of Misty Jean as a prototype of a successful female Konpa artist. This has got to be a joke. Is he serious? Nia does not need to follow the footsteps of Misty Jean, who, herself, is a victim of the same misconceptions.

In conclusion, It is still early in the process for Nia to seize herself, take control of her career and turn things around. Talent never dies. She has it in her. So It is preposterous for Madman to argue that Alex Abellard of Zin, Jbeatz and Papa Jube of SOBs had not done for Nia. She is just a victim of a market yet to be receptive to women. There is nothing they could have done differently to rescue her. At least, they had tried.


It is now no secret that Dabenz got voted out unanimously by his bandmates. At unanimity he got voted out, meaning not one member of the band wants him in. A decision like that would make you automatically think that he must have done something really stupid and out of line that could jeopardize the interests of the band, right? No, such is not the case. According to reporting the reason for his firing, “They estimate that DABENZ was bringing more negativity to the band ‘ANBA ANBA’ and they claim that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

Let’s take a moment to analyze the Kompamagazine report. This is a decision taken on the career of an artist on the basis of a baseless claim –Dabenz was bringing more negativity to the band clandestinely. The word clandestinely is exactly what sells them out. Clandestinely or “anba anba” means that they do not have proof that the wrongdoings he has been accused of hold any truth. Where are the facts to corroborate such allegation? How come none of these negativities has ever been known to the press? These guys basically rely on baseless claims circulating through the grapevine to mess with someone’s career.

According to, all this nonsense about Dabenz bringing more negativity to the band clandestinely is not the true reason behind the firing. The website reported, which the artist later confirmed, that while Dabenz was on stage performing in Haiti at Miche’s Garden with the band, he got embarrassed and humiliated by Brutus. The later, in many instances, ordered the sound engineer to turn Dabenz’s microphone down low so that they do not hear him out in the speakers; he wanted only Kenny’s voice to come out, a way to boycott Dabenz. But what could be the reason for the boycott, though?

They wanted to boycott Dabenz because apparently there has been some sort of a power strife going on inside the band. The public is more in tune with him than Kenny, and Brutus was not feeling too keen about that. He wanted to promote Kenny, yet the public has chosen Dabenz. It is like fighting against the will of nature. The public wants something, yet he wants to resist it. Why punishing Dabenz because Kenny is not commercial and hype?

Now, let me talk to these guys for a minute. You guys are the reason why Zenglen, a band that is playing extremely well, is going down. The public does not have faith in you anymore. They realize now that you guys don’t know what you want and have no sense of direction. You throw Dabenz away to sell Kenny to a public that does not even want him. You cannot shove him down the public’s throat. Go look around and find someone else. Kenny cannot do it; he does not have what it takes to be what you guys want him to be for the band –a frontline superstar. Trust me on that.

Dabenz’s home of record is New Jersey. The people here love and see him as their own. They take to heart the way you guys treated him. I think you are going to have to do a lot of PR work to appease the rage of the community here. The word in the streets of New Jersey now is to proceed with operation boycott against Zenglen in the state. I am urging you guys to not come to New Jersey any moment soon, not until the people’s fury is rescinded, for you may be chased out. Don’t say you did not get the message. You are not going to treat the man so unfairly like that to think that everything is cool. M swete nou jwenn nouvel la.


What are these DISIP guys doing? Are you guys serious? Well, I hope you guys have a VALID reason for dismissing Samille Vanessa Jean-Pierre aka SASA of JP Relations, the young lady who was handling your public relations for you. I don’t really know her, but I can easily depict someone who takes pride in his/her work when I see one; I can easily recognize professionalism and savoir-faire from afar.

Before her in this Kompa business, I did not know any professional PR consultant working tirelessly to transform the business as usual mindset of this landscape. I used to be exposed to nothing but poorly written press releases, unprepared interviews, extrapolation to the max, etc…

I am wondering who else you guys are going to bring on board to replace her. I bet I will not be surprised to see you hiring some mediocre individual, hired on the basis of fanaticism and favoritism, who does not know anything whatsoever in what the duties of a professional PR specialist entail.

This is, indeed, a major setback for you guys. I don’t know what you guys are doing, but you better get your acts together. You need a high speed PR person in your staff to work on the correct ways for your business to relate to the public. You need that for Christ’s sake!!!! You don’t go to sleep and wake up being PR specialist. There is a place called college where these people are prepared to cater to the needs of any challenging and professional market environment.

See, here we go again… that’s why this Kompa business will never get anywhere. For the most part, professionals are not valued in this arena. If you are not an embodiment of ignorance and mediocrity, you have no place in there. Well, again, it is a Haitian thing, why expecting anything different?

GAZZMAN, with all due respect, I swear I thought you were smarter than that. Let me ask you a question, though: are you really serious about this DISIP movement, or is it a hype just to make a quick cash and bounce? Sometimes, for some strange reason, I keep on getting the vibe that you do not have a clear vision as to what you want this venture to be. I hope I am wrong.

Listen to me, whether I am a fan of yours or not is irrelevant for the purpose of this piece. I have no interest whatsoever in your success or failure. But I really want you to know that it will personally bother me seeing a talent of your caliber going wasted because of some misguided decisions.

I know what it feels like to be operating in a bubble where you seem to be out of touch with reality, and that all you have to rely on is your staff. At times, ironically, some of the people in your entourage may not have your best interest. That’s why it is always wise to turn to your fans for advice, for they love you unconditionally and would not wish to see you not making it. So because of this natural bond, they will never give you an advice which will not be for your best interest.

I was taught by my parents to always speak truth to power, so I am telling you boldly that the firing of Sasa is a STUPID decision. I hope it does not take you long to realize that. She is somebody you can consider as an asset to your business.

The majority of these guys you have roving around you acting like they are with you, they are there for their own interests. You are a hot commodity today, you see them around. But the day you are no longer relevant, you will not see them anymore. So don’t be naive and foolish. I do not think it can ever be too late to acknowledge the misstep, retract from it, and reach out to her. That’s the best and smartest thing to do. BRING THAT YOUNG LADY BACK!!!!