Jerry Tardieu Made a Terrible Mistake


Jerry Tardieu

JERRY TARDIEU made a terrible mistake for not running for president this time around. This is his moment; unfortunately, he prefers to let it pass by.

Some people, those who support his move [to serve in the Parliament FIRST before running for president], would probably think I am losing my mind for making such a bold inference.

Had he decided to run for president, nothing would have stopped him from winning the election hands down; this is his moment.

Why postponing for later when your time to shine, your time to seize the spotlight has arrived? Talking about the audacity of daring to dare?

The people who support his move [to serve in the Parliament as deputy first before running for president] are making the case that being a deputy of a high-profile city like Petion-Ville will place him in the national spotlight, which will make it easier for him to win the National Palace should he decide to run for president later. WRONG!!!!

I would have agreed with JERRY’s move had he been running for mayor of Petion-Ville. Technically, a mayor has more executive, political and leadership responsibilities than a deputy. Unlike a deputy, a mayor has a budget to manage, an agenda to fulfill, and a group of people to command and lead. So as mayor of Petion-Ville, JERRY would have been the president of the city.

After his term as mayor, he would have had enough to show to the world what he could accomplish as president –if given the chance. But running for deputy? To do what exactly?! To place him in the national spotlight, as some of his supporters are arguing? Does he not already have that national spotlight? He is not in the Chamber of Deputies as we speak, yet for what he has been doing on the ground, he is in the national spotlight more than some deputies I knew in the 49th Legislature. So what’s the purpose of him being in the Chamber?

Some are making the argument that only people in Port-au-Prince and Jacmel know of him; he is unknown to the rest of the country.

Well, that’s what political campaigns are for –to introduce yourself to the people and sell your political agenda to them.

When Obama was running for president, though he was already serving in the US Senate representing the State of Illinois, I bet he was unknown to most people in the country. He campaigned hard all across the 50 States to introduce himself and sell his message of hope which resonated to the majority of the electorate. Guess what? He won over the Clinton political machine to get the Democratic nomination, which is not a simple thing in itself, beat both McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012, and he has been in the White House for six years now.

I am not saying that notoriety does not help, but what will get you to win political races are two major elements: campaign strategy and money. Otherwise, forget about it.

In my humble opinion, JERRY’s move is a WASTE of time. He has missed a golden opportunity; he and his supporters must admit it.

Well, what do I know? Since Valery Numa had said on his radio show [during his clash with Clarens Renois] that he had advised JERRY not to run for president this time around, to run for deputy instead, I guess he has acted upon Numa’s advice.