Disip May Not Live To Celebrate Its 5th Anniversary

Abdel & Gazzman Couleur

Whatever issue the DISIP management has -causing the band not to be able to keep its musicians -needs to be rectified.

After the dissension that went down between the leadership of the band and La Porte, Pluviose, Ti Dou, and others, having caused them to part ways, it is now the turn of ABDEL, the band’s sole saxophonist, to leave, and that is on some very bad terms. Explaining the reasons for his decision, Abdel said:

  1. “After I expressed my thoughts publicly on KM [Kompamagazine.com], GAZZMAN and I were uncomfortable with each other…”
  2. “There is no camaraderie in the band…”
  3. “They don’t want you to express yourself if you are not happy with something…”
  4. “Manager Patrick Fabre is very rude to the musicians. He speaks to them however he wants. They want ZOMBIES in the band…”
  5. “I was just uncomfortable in the band…”
  6. “NEG YO SE YON MOUVEMENT KAP FET. YON MOUVEMENT POU YO KOURI FE ANPIL KOB…LE PLUS VITE KE POSSIB [These guys put this movement together to rake in as much money as they can in a very short time]. It’s not like a real band….”

This is what you call bad press, and such does not help to preserve the DISIP brand. These guys need to get their game plan together to prevent nonsense like this one from occurring. We have seen enough of these mishaps already.

How can I tell if a business institution is not doing well with its employees? All I need to do is to  see its Employee Turnover Report. That will tell me how difficult it is for the institution to keep its employees. If the report is looking gloomy, that is an indication that the management or leadership team is not up to par with the job of managing the staff.

Employee satisfaction is a must for the progression forward of any business institution. If the work environment is not conducive to employee satisfaction, you will definitely have an increase in your employee turnover rate. Making sure your employees are satisfied cannot be that hard. All it takes is respect and good interpersonal skills.

How can a business institution be productive if its employees doing the buck of the work are not satisfied? If the employees are happy with the work environment and the way they are being treated, of course, that will reflect in their work performance and productivity. And the opposite is just as true.

After ABDEL, who else is next to leave the band? If the reasons he gave to Kompamagazine for leaving the band are factual, it is very unfortunate things had to come to this. My prognosis is this: if DISIP does not get its act together, if they do not address the problem at the management level, they may not live to celebrate their fifth anniversary. The band will disintegrate, and that will be a big loss for our music. So the management team needs to take the business of managing the band very seriously. Managing a team composed of people of different and unique personalities is not a cakewalk. It is a challenging affair, requiring savoir faire, not charlatanism and amateurism.


ZENGLEN: one of the best Konpa bands

See, this is why I love this guy Fabrice Rouzier. Every single time he opens his mouth to make a statement, he always speaks my kind of language -telling it like it is.

To the question what will the future hold for ZENGLEN if RICHIE leaves, he answered: “If he leaves, Zenglen will have a tough road ahead […] He has been such a dominant figure in that band that it’s hard to imagine Zenglen without him. In conclusion, VERY BAD for Zenglen if he leaves but again maybe RITCHIE feels like he can do better elsewhere. The guys are not getting any younger.”

ZENGLEN will not just have a tough time, it will disappear in no more than 2 years. It is not that RICHIE feels like he can do better elsewhere, he will do better elsewhere.

ZENGLEN’s problem is not RICHIE; it is, rather, the band’s frontman not having what the band needs to make the expected impact in the business. As I had argued before (in many instances, by the way), no one band in this league is playing better than them, yet it seems as though they are struggling; something heavier than anyone could possibly imagine is pulling them.

The band has its own identity meticulously crafted by the one and only GRACIA DELVA, one of the top two entertainers in the business. You are not going to tell me you are going to lose GRACIA and replace him with KENNY DESMANGLES, who cannot come close to being compared to the former ZENGLEN -in terms of stage presence, dominance and charisma -and expect the outcomes to be the same.

Don’t get me wrong, though… KENNY is, like PIPO, one of the top vocalists in the business, but does not have what it takes to be the kind of stage performer ZENGLEN needs. It would not be that big of a problem if KENNY would cooperate and leave. Noooo… he is letting his pride and ego take the best of him. He said recently on KOMPAMAGAZINE that, according to his tenure in the band, he cannot be kicked out; he can only leave on his own terms, and he is not up to that right now. So ZENGLEN is basically screwed with him.

Like Fabrice said, which I wholeheartedly agree with, RICHIE is not getting any younger, meaning if, like I argued in my article entitled Dissip: Richie’s Golden Opportunity, he has 10 more years left to spend in this music business, he ought to make sure that he rakes in the money that would guarantee him a successful, peaceful and financially stable retirement. It does not make any sense to be contributing so much to a business and ending up counting pennies after your retirement because you were being loyal to a company on the verge of living its life expectancy.

My advice to RICHIE is this: If KENNY refuses to leave to bring in a stage actor in the caliber of GAZZMAN, leave the band for him. No one will hold you accountable for ZENGLEN’s demise and unfortunate ending. You are not the one holding the band hostage; rather, it is KENNY DESMANGLES. Talents can be put to good use anywhere they are being effectively used, meaning the same things you were able to do with/in ZENGLEN can be very well done anywhere so long as you are given the proper space and resources to make them happen.