Jacques-Edouard Alexis Is Very Audacious

Former Prime Minister Jacques-Edouard Alexis

Former Prime Minister Jacques-Edouard Alexis

This Jacques-Edouard Alexis, a former LAVALAS Prime Minister, has some nerve to be talking about Prime Minister Lamothe in these terms -in this Nouvelliste article. When will these politicians start showing some degree of decorum in their public positions?

Dude took part in the last presidential election and could not even rake in 1% of the votes cast, yet he seems to have a lot to say of PM Lamothe, who is actually doing way better than he did when he was Prime Minister.

He knows alone he cannot stop PM Lamothe from winning the presidency -should he decide to run -he is calling on his posse of oldies to team up with him to stop him [Lamothe]. He got me laughing at his tamper tantrum.

These old faces need to retire from politics altogether. They are the reason why my country is in the quagmire it finds itself today. If they really want to do the country a great and memorable service, they ALL should shut their mouths.

This moment calls for the emergence of a new political class of young Haitian politicians, not these old faces who have never shied to shame the entire nation. Never again will these bozos return to power. Their time is forever over. We need a new generation of Haitian politicians to take the leadership of the country and lead it in the 21st century.

Whether they want it or not, Lamothe is in a very strong position to be the next president of Haiti. He has been doing a tremendous job thus far as Prime Minister. The man is running the country like a businessman, which is something we had never seen before.

This man, Jacques-Edouard Alexis, is politically insignificant. He is just craving for attention, which he has not been getting since he got fired as Prime Minister. Put him on the ballot to run against Lamothe in the general election, dude will not get 10% of the votes. He is just a sore loser who is barking at the wrong tree. Since he calls himself “universitaire,” whatever the heck that is, he needs to stick to that; politics is not his forte.

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