Gabby Douglas: It’s About Talent, Not Hair

16-year-old Gabby Douglas

Think about what you were doing when you were 16 years old. Well, Gabby Douglas, the young African American woman who, along with her US gymnastics teammates, has dominated the Olympics, is only 16 years old.

At such a young age, she is on the verge of becoming the first African American woman ever to win the all-around gold medal in gymnastics.

When you think that great accomplishment of hers would have earned her the respect and recognition she deserves, some in the African American community, her own community I must add, are focusing on something as petty, meaningless and ludicrous as her HAIR.

Some of the tweets I read from some in the African American community about her hair are beyond appalling. Let me share with you some of the low jabs:

theSecretLifeof … [@BReeMonroe] tweeted: “Gabby Douglas, you made history w/ your impeccable talent & hideous hair.”

Young Skipper [@Sarocious] tweeted: “We, as a community, gotta fix Gabby Douglas’s hair.”

Brandy [@shestaken] tweeted: “Congrats to Gabby Douglas on her gold medal! I wish I could say the same.about that hair! Omg horrible!”

DeAnt [@wht_Idid_rollEM] tweeted: “lmfao Gabby Douglas shouldnt be the standout in those commercials she get her hair done.”

Obviously, here is someone who knows how to set her priorities straight with a high sense of discipline and dedication –already at such a young age. When these folks who are now disparagingly talking about her hair were probably spending hours in front of a mirror taking care of their hair, Gabby was spending these hours in the gym sweating getting herself in shape physically and mentally for the Olympics. Today, all these efforts pay off. She is giving the world something to talk and write about. Unfortunately, her critics are stuck talking about her hair. Petty people do, indeed, talk about petty things.

Congratulations, Gabby!!! You have made history. Please do not let what these low-lifers have to say about your hair affect your self-esteem. You have nothing but years of great accomplishments ahead of you. Keep working hard while these folks are spending their times talking and discussing about nothing but nonsense and pettiness.