The only way for our laws to be respected is by forcing the prospective violators to respect them against their will. The question is, how can you do that? You do that by instilling in them fear of violating them. Again, how can you instill such a fear in the violators? Simple. You achieve that by punishing them SEVERELY when they do violate these laws. In other words, you make an example out of anyone who is brave enough to violate them.

Lawlessness and impunity are prescriptions for chaos and disaster. How can you possibly build a society of humans where people can do whatever they want, however and whenever? How can you possibly build a society in this 21st century where life holds no value? I don’t see how that can be possible. Well, those of you believing otherwise, maybe you know something I don’t know; I would love know it, too.

We cannot let these terrorists in Haiti have their way. Yes, criminals do have rights that must be respected and protected; however, so do the law-abiding citizens they are kidnapping, raping and murdering. Yes, these terrorists do have rights, except that the right to kidnap, rape and murder innocent citizens is not one of them.

How can you inspire safety and security in the investors (foreign and national) to come to invest in your economy when there is a high possibility for their kids and even them to be kidnapped, raped and even killed? Let’s not be dreaming; it will not happen. Business people are like migratory birds. They build their nets and lay their eggs wherever they can find their peace of mind. So if you want to attract them, you create the environment suitable for that.

Poverty is not an excuse to commit crimes. You don’t be going out there raping our women, kidnapping and murdering our innocent citizens to take away from them what they have worked so hard to accumulate over the years because you are poor. Haiti should not become a crime state. Therefore, all this nonsense going on over there MUST stop.

We cannot and must not be playing games with these terrorists terrorizing the population. When we do capture them, we have to make sure they get a fair trial because everybody, at the very least, deserves that. In the event that they are found guilty of the crime they are accused of, they must pay for it with their lives. We need to take them to a public place reserved just for that and set them ablaze or set their bodies on fire in broad daylight. Now we have a choice to make.

What impact is that going to have on the next person contemplating ways to rape another one of our women, kidnap and murder another one of our decent citizens? It is going to have a tremendous psychological impact: it is going to instill in the rest of the terrorists fear of carrying the next deviant and criminal act because they will forever know that the probability for them to get caught and receive the same treatment is highly likely.

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