PRESIDENT MARTELLY should have done this long ago -raising the heat by a) campaigning across the country selling his choice for Prime Minister to the people and b) exposing the tactics of the GPR-INITE parliamentarians wanting to literally torpedo his administration. Now EVALLIERE BEAUPLAN, one of the 16 senators hostile to GOUSSE, the president’s pick for Prime Minister, is feeling the heat, according to this article on

BEAUPLAN is so scared now that he is making false threats to PRESIDENT MARTELLY. He made it clear that if the president dissolves the legislature, his presidency will not last 24 hours; Martelly did not say a word about dissolving the Congress. This is proof that BEAUPLAN is feeling the heat. That’s a good sign.

This is a battle the president should fight and win by using a clear battle strategy -keep making the case for GOUSSE and exposing the strategy of the GPR-INITE guys as you are multiplying the talks and consultations. As I said before, you don’t “negotiate” from a position of weakness.

PRESIDENT MARTELLY must keep dragging his feet. Time is his best weapon right about now. He needs to keep slowing the process of sending GOUSSE before the Parliament; the longer the process lasts, the more the heat will mount on the GPR-INITE lawmakers. And he must not stop blaming them for the worsening of the people’s situation.

While the pressure is mounting on the GPR-INITE bloc, he needs to intensify the talks and consultations so that the people and the international community could see that he is trying his very best to “negotiate” with the legislature to pass the congressional gridlock and start solving the people’s problems.

In the logic of keeping the talks and consultations going, he needs to have a meeting with PREVAL and the leadership of the GPR-INITE group to attempt to find a solution to the crisis. PREVAL owns these slaves; therefore, he must have a talk with the master.

Time is on the president’s side of the spectrum. The longer this lasts, the better it is for him politically. He must not capitulate and be quick to raise the white flag. I foresee he will win this fight and come out of it politically stronger than ever before.

This is a psychological warfare; therefore, it must be fought and won psychologically. As long as he keeps selling his guy to the people across the country, denouncing the strategy of the GPR-INITE group and multiplying the consultations, he will be alright.

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