This article 137 of the Haitian Constitution of 1987 is an article of political crisis. It stipulates:

“The President of the Republic shall choose a Prime Minister from among the members of the majority party of the Parliament. In the absence of such a majority, the President of the Republic shall choose his Prime Minister in consultation with the President of the Senate and the President of the House of Deputies.”

Who are the geniuses that crafted this article? I would love to meet them simply to shake their hands for such a job well done. They really know how to mess things up for the country.

I want someone to answer me this question: Why do we even have a Prime Minister when we have a head of state elected by the people through a national election?

Listen to this idiocy: the Prime Minister, after being ratified by the Parliament, must receive an up or down vote in a joint session of Congress, depending on his or her declaration of “politique generale.”

How do we vote the president in Haiti, folks? Don’t we vote him or her based on his or her political agenda or “politique generale?” If so, what sense does it make to have a Prime Minister repeat the same process before the members of Congress?

The way it is now, this article 137 is a Constitutional provision for these thieves, drug dealers, crooks, birdbrained, traitors sitting in the Parliament to take the country in hostage, making it extremely difficult for President Martelly to get started with solving the people’s problems. Logically, these guys are getting paid to worsen every single day that goes by the situation of the country.

I said it before and I am going it again: we do not need a Prime Minister in Haiti. It is a waste of time.

The Prime Minister position is one created to get one more corrupted person in the government of the country to steal and further perpetuate the system of corruption.

We need a President and a Vice President on a ticket together -just like it is done here in the States. When the people vote, they vote the ticket containing the President and the Vice President. Like that, you will only have the different ministers, chosen by the President (after they have been vetted, of course), to be approved by the members of Congress. It makes more sense to me like that.