President Michel J. Martelly

I am going to go straight in this to tell you to stop playing games with these politicians in the legislature. Most of these guys do not have the people’s best interest at heart; they are driven by partisan politics.

As you can see, they are out to control several key ministries –agriculture, education, interior, justice, etc… -representing the pillars of your agenda.

You campaigned on reforming the education system, restoring the authority of the state, strengthening our economy through a total reform of our agriculture, reforming our justice system, etc… If you let them gain control of these key agencies, you are doomed.

This is your first political clash with that body; you’ve got to win to show these vultures in the Senate and the House of Deputies that you can pull some muscles. This is a psychological warfare, which you must win by any means necessary.

If anything, follow Obama’s footsteps. You cannot go wrong if you do. Here is what David Axelrod had President Obama do (By the way, he is President Obama’s top political strategist): To get the health care bill ratified in both chambers of Congress, he, after realizing that the Republicans and the Blue Dog Democrats were playing politics with the bill, had the president traveled across the country on campaign mode to promote the bill and thereby got the people to rally behind him. Had he not done so, the bill would have not passed.

That’s exactly what you ought to be doing. Don’t forget that politics is a weight game. Don’t be too quick to negotiate, for it is very unwise to negotiate in a position of weakness. You don’t have any political base in the legislature. Your strength is in/with the people; therefore, reach out to them to put pressure on the parliament to have the choice of ROUZIER approved. You’ve got to win this.