Senator Lambert of INITE

Per Joseph Jasmin, a member of the leadership of the Party INITE, talking this Friday, April 15 to Le Nouvelliste, the relationship between the Martelly administration and the legislative, which his party is poised to control, will be harmonious, meaning “there will be neither blockade nor barrage to President Martelly. We are looking to working with him […] We will give him our full support so that he could best serve the interest of the people.”  

Plan A is to take what he said at face value. The National Palace cannot just assume that he is only playing politics. No matter what President Martelly chooses to do, he must keep his guard up. In the event that the politics of collaboration, cohabitation and facilitation Jasmin promised his party will develop in Congress is no longer in activity, President Martelly is gonna need to proceed with plan B, which is to implement a strategy of disintegration of INITE inside the two chambers.

With that, all he is going to have to do is to plant his intel inside that bloc of power which Lambert is in charge of to get the job done. He can work with someone in the caliber of Edo Zenny, a close and longtime friend and ally, to get this done in the Senate.

Let’s hope we will not have to go that route since President Preval has clearly ordered his vassals in Congress to work with President Martelly. Jasmin, in an interview in French to Le Nouvelliste this Thursday, outlined and reiterated the recommendations of President Preval. He stated, “President Preval has told us that the majority that we have is one of cohabitation, collaboration and facilitation so that the executive and the legislative can work together to serve the best interest of the people.”

So it will be in everybody’s best interest for President Martelly and Senator Lambert of INITE to work together to get the people’s business taken care of. If they deviate from the clear and unambiguous order given to them by Preval, plan B needs to be activated, and that will be to weaken INITE’s influence in the legislative body before such plan expands itself notionally. In other words, that party should be so pulverized, weakened and crippled nationally that it cannot even get one deputy or senator elected.

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