Martelly and Baker, at this point in the game, need to form a coalition to effectively fight the elections. Manigat and Celestin should not be the focus. Manigat is the weakest, so she does not really represent a major political threat. Celestin could be our target not because he represents a political force, but, rather, because he is favored by the man in the leadership of the country.

After the holidays, the turn, allure or magnitude of the fight is going to be serious. We’re gonna go back to battle mode to stop the January 16th elections from materializing.

The strategy forward is to be twofold –intensifying the fight on the ground while making sure we sell our case on both the national and international stages.

  1. The ground fight –putting real bodies or militants on the ground to resist the fraudulent November 28th elections by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.
  2. The psychological fight -engaging in a robust PR campaign to sell the case for the annulment of the elections in/to the press (national and international).

Why does it make sense for Martelly and Baker to form a political coalition? The coalition is necessary for two main reasons:

  • they both seem to have international appeal and connection
  • reading their plans for the country, they don’t seem to have major ideological differences

So it would be smart for them to work together and craft a bipartisan strategy to sell their case against the manipulation of the elections by the Preval CEP in favor of Jude Celestin. Where we are right now, working independently is not warranted. A coalition of strength for political leverage is the only way to win this battle.

They should not let their ideological differences keep them further apart and, as a result, prevent such winning coalition from taking shape. If they fail to do so, the consequences will be catastrophic. Not only will they lose the fight to Preval and Celestin, the entire country will lose another golden opportunity to make a comeback. So it is eminent for such coalition to surface for the betterment of the Haitian nation.

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