Less than a year ago, a pastor in Nairobi, Kenya -who was engaging in an aggressive campaign against fornication and adultery -was flagrantly and blatantly caught in an adulterous relationship with the wife of a police officer.

The people of his congregation, who found out about the malicious, deceitful and embarrassing act, took matters into their own hands. They stripped both of them naked, beat the crap out of them, and forced them to kiss (all these happened in public and in broad daylight).

This situation of married pastors messing around with members of their congregations is not happening only in Kenya; it is happening in many religious circles in Haiti. In fact, not only are these guys preying on the female members of their congregations, they also at times do get them pregnant.  And when that happens, they would find a way to throw the situation under the carpet just to keep their stature clean and revered. And these defenseless and voiceless women, vilified by the rest of the congregation and society as a whole, are left to live with shame and in despair.

That was a nice way to teach this hypocrite bastard a lesson of honesty, trustworthiness and dignity. I do believe such practice needs to be instituted in my own Haitian society. I say if we catch them, let’s cut their balls and feed the hungry dogs with them.