Let me ask you a question; hopefully, you will use your brain, not your blind faith to dissect it. Can you please tell me one thing that is to work in your advantage as a Black person that the White man let you have without a fight?

If you look around or if you go down to dig into the historical archives, you will realize that everything we Black folks have for our own emancipation, we had to fight with our lives to earn them -for example, the independence of the Haitian people from the brutal French system of slavery in 1804, the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to abolish segregation and discrimination in the United States, the end of Apartheid in South Africa in 1994, etc… And even after we earn them, we have to be constantly guarding them so that he does not trick us and take them away from us. That goes to show you how much he cannot and must not be trusted.

Yet, without a fight, he brought you Christianity -his imported religion -and handed it to you. You embraced and made it yours. You are so much of a defender of his own religion, more so than he basically is, that you are willing to kill your own brothers and sisters over it –something that does not even belong to you.

You think he cares so much about you that he wants your soul to be spared. While you think he has got to care so much about your soul to be handing you his so-called soul-liberating religion, don’t forget that it was forced on you at a time when you were being treated worse than a pet, not any kind of pet. He submitted you under some of the most egregious and inhuman treatments ever. In spite of it all, you still believe he lets you have his religion because he loves and cares about you so much, huh?

When will you start opening your eyes to see and using your brain to start asking pertinent questions? Let’s use our ability to reason to brainstorm on this issue for a change. Do you seriously believe that the White man let you have his religion because he so much loves you and cares about your soul being spared? If his religion was as good as he told you, do you think he would have let you have it without a fight? And if it was to be working for you, why did he have to force it on you when you had to fight with your life to earn your freedom from him? Let’s talk. Maybe I am in the wrong. If so, please answer the questions and convince me that I am.


  1. I DO NOT believe in ANY religion. I have seen the destruction it has caused and the mindlessness it brings out in people.
    Everytime I ask any black person this question; “Why do you keep the white man’s religion?”, they have no answer. It’s that blind faith. It’s the answer to every question they don’t have an answer for.
    I used to feel sorry or judgemental of religious people, especially christians, because of that fact. There are so many inconsistancies in the bible, I can’t understand how anyone can follow it so blindly. And they read it everyday! I would challenge all of them; black, white, young, old. Especially when I didn’t believe that there could be a God.
    Now, I do. But, I do not believe that God is this benevolant, father-figure living in the clouds above us (I still think it’s ridiculous that any one could believe that) who spreads his wrath whenever we are bad little boys and girls. But I do believe that God is Love. The Love we have for our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends. The Love we are supposed to have for our neighbors, a stranger, an animal. Because God is in every living thing on this planet and if we love ourselves we must love every other living thing on this planet. Yeah, that even means our enemies.
    What I can’t understand is how Christians say that God made us in his image, God is Love, God is within us all and that we all come from God. To me that means if you hurt another living thing you only hurt God and in return you hurt yourself.
    But, I digress. we have forgotten the goodness that the religions of Our African ancestry. We now believe the white man when he says that those religions are no good. Like Voodoo for us Haitians. Sure there are some who use it to hurt others, but it is the same with Christianity. It is the same with any religion. Slavery for example. But, then again it’s just another religion. My religion is Love. It’s all the religion I need.

  2. Wow! What is Religion? Religion is in you, what you perceive is just. Growing up in the “church” I realized that religion is a covenant for all evil doings. People use it to deceive, kill, mistreat, segregate and destroy others all in the name of religion. People are told they are “bad” if they don’t live their lives a certain way. People, are told they should die if they are attracted to the same sex. Yet, you sit their and tell me we were all created in the image of “God”, and that he loves me very much.Huh! The “Bible” has so much contradictions that I don’t even understand how one can follow it so blindly. Now, don’t get me wrong. I do believe their is a higher being. Is his name “God” that I don’t know. Do I have a name for my “faith”, No. Just that I will not cause pain to others, I will think for myself, and I will live my life according to my personal belief. Thank you.

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