WARNING: President Martelly Is Flirting With Danger

President Martelly and Monsignor Langlois

President Martelly and Monsignor Langlois


President Martelly is flirting with danger if he thinks he can refuse to not publish in the nation’s gazette, Le Moniteur, the names of the members of the Superior Court of Auditors, which, from my understanding, he had initially promised to do in the El Rancho negotiations with the opposition.

According to the Constitution, it is in the Senate’s prerogative to choose the members of this said institution, not that of the executive branch. The president’s office can only vet the members and communicate its decision within a time frame to the Senate. In the event that the time to do so has elapsed, the president will have no other choice but to publish the names.

So since the president, for whatever reason, let the limit expire, he MUST publish the names. And if the senators make the publication of those names their sine qua non for their endorsement of the tripartite compromise resulting from the El Rancho negotiations, no one can blame them for that.

President Martelly must not be flirting with danger. He MUST publish those names since he let his vetting prerogative expire. I trust his political judgment, so I don’t think he will make such a reckless mistake of not publishing those names. I am sure he is aware of what is at stake. Should he choose to not publish them, he will make a catastrophic mistake, which will have serious political consequences.

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