Haitians: Stop Acting Like The Dominican Republic Is So Indispensable To You

Some of my fellow Haitians are crying blood over the fact that the Dominican Republic is placing immigration restrictions on Haitians to travel over there. What is the big deal? I myself do not see what the fuss is really about.

Let us look together what the new immigration restrictions put in place say. According to the Dominican ambassador in Haiti, Mr. Ruben Silié Valdés, for now on, no visas will be granted to third parties, including these local travel agencies, on behalf of individuals like it used to be. That means if you are going to make a demand for visa to visit the Dominican Republic, you must do so in person at one of their consulates.  Also, it is required of anyone making a demand for visa to submit an array of documents, such as proof of employment, bank attestation and invitation letter. It is now a violation for employers based in the Dominican Republic to hire illegal Haitian migrants.  

To be honest with you, I applaud their decision. That shows you they are taking care of business. That is the way it should be, and no one should hold that against them. Instead of engaging in a futile diplomatic uneasiness with them, we need to learn from them how to structure and organize our system. If your government does not care about who enters your country, do not expect governments from other countries to have the same attitude.

I really do not see the issue at hand that is getting some of my people to go ballistic. Some of us act as though the Dominicans owe us something. No, they do not. That is their country, and it is their prerogative to enact whatever policy deemed necessary to protect their territory for whatever reason. You can call the policy discriminatory however you want, that’s your business. But that is their country; therefore, they have to do what they have to do to protect their territory from whomever and whatever.

You don’t have to travel there. Don’t you have your own country? Okay, then. Stay in your country and place restrictions on foreigners to enter like everybody else is doing. I have yet to see you going on a rampage because the other countries -the United States, Canada, France, etc… -ask you to submit these same documents and even more.

Stop complaining like it is the end of the world for you if you do not travel to the Dominican Republic to be humiliated and mistreated for the most part. When a seller makes it so hard on you to purchase their products, in a free market economy, what do you do? You take your money some place else or make the products for your own consumption, don’t you? Okay, then. You do not go ballistic because they do not want to sell their products to you. Some of you make me sick making an issue out of a nonissue. Stop acting like the Dominican Republic is indispensable to you.

17 comments on “Haitians: Stop Acting Like The Dominican Republic Is So Indispensable To You

  1. M dako. The less money DR makes off Haitians the better. Ke y’al Port Salut pito. Out of all the beautiful places I’ve seen (Haiti included) I don’t get what the fuss is about DR.

  2. Now the point is pour Martelly poze derriere li, Olye l’ap fe ti Pwogram de grenn goch chak semen.. mete bon jan Kondisyon sekirite nan Peyi a pou ka gen travay, et production pou frekansite sa fini, pa gen lot jan non.

    • You hit nail on the head. Should Martelly gov goes business as usual, it will hurt him politically. The people dont have much to do in Haiti and cant freely cross the border to handle their business. We dont wanna hear no Abba Tet Kale.

  3. Ancien president Sténio Vincent refuser déclarer la guerre à la République Dominicaine en 1937 apres massacrelis pase 25.000 innocents frere nous haitiens

  4. Longtemps haiti te 3e partenaire economique RD, depuis 2010 Rafael Camilo, Directeur Général Douanes RD fait konnen Haïti pou premye fwa vini premier partenaire économique de la RD avec des importations de produits dominicains atteignant les 462 million de dollars pour 2010.
    Bagay nou plis importe farine , l’huile , riz, l’eau minérale, les pâtes alimentaires et les biscuits, bananes et poules vivan oubyen mouri koupe.

    Materiaux construction tankou ciment, fer, tôles surtout apres 12 janvier

  5. I’ve been there twice and I don’t want to go back there. Their decision makes things easier for me, i will never be motivate to go back there anymore, not even for business, honeymoon or vacation. They will never taste my money anymore.

  6. The D.R. has always been the enemy of Ayiti. The humiliation and oppression of Ayitian People have always been a part of D.R.’s policy. Whether government institutions, private or corporate institutions, they’ve always have some deep seated hatred for Ayitians.

  7. Should Martelly gov goes business as usual, it will hurt him politically. The people dont have much to do in Haiti and cant freely cross the border to handle their business. We dont wanna hear no Abba Tet Kale.

  8. Emann great article and I agree with you. We should take this as an opportunity to invest in our own country and set policies not making a scene. However, when we have people whose only way of living is to go back and forth from DR, ti malerez ki pagen tout papye sa yo, I can understand their frustration.

  9. It is good old fashion capitalism in action. Haitian Tourism is big business. They restructured the codes to fit the times. Were we mostly nomads in our past? This is worth looking into. Haitians are all over the world doing great things except where it really counts: HAITI.

  10. imajinew bagay yo rive nan yon stad la ki vreman konplike imajinew dominiken rantre ak yon zafe 800 pesos la bagay sa pa bon menm sa ki pi tris menm pou etidyan ki nan peyi an lwa sa valab pou yo tou,si nou te gen peyi fok tout etidyan ki ap etidye nan re dom. ta rantre nan peyi,men helas ki klte yo pwal mete yo pou yo kontinye etid yo.janm we an poblem pap fini nan peyi sa non

  11. As always someone, or group will suffer but it’s time for us Haitian people to start thinking seriously about building our country. We are not really the poorest in the world. We are a “peuple souverain” Let’s work together and become the Haiti of my youth.
    PS: I rather have the Haiti of my youth since these last 3 decades are the worst period of Haiti history.

  12. If indeed we are a big part in their economy, President Martely should pass an execute order to stop all Haitians from doing business with the Dominican Republic. The United States government has a law forbidden Americans to do business with Cuba. Haiti should stop all import from that country. That would put pressure on the Dominican economy.

  13. The only intelligent comment in here is the article itself. We, the Dominican Republic don’t have nothing againts Haiti. What we do know is this, The Dominican Republic is poor itself and faces lots of problems with it’s own citizens to take another nation in which a GREAT PART of the population is sick, no education, and no really use at all then just cheap labor. We are not your enemies. Why France, The US, Canada, don’t want you? Answer that, and then you’ll understand. We are two completely different cultures, We became INDEPENDENT OF YOU FOR A REASON, Yet, we still help you, and give you business…somehow-someway we are the bad side of the Island. An intelligent person knows the situation with Haiti and DR is being manipulated by outsiders to create BLOOD. We don’t want that, and don’t need it. what we do know is this….”La Republica Dominicana es libre e independiente de toda potencia extranjera o se unde la isla…”

  14. Well said. It is about time for the Haitians to put in place their own rules and regulations when foreigners want to stay or visit our country and maintain no matter what. That will help diminish corruptions and lawlessness in the country. We need to stand up for our people and welcome them and restrict their exodus other countries so that we can grow as a nation should be. Invest in your own people and bring harmony like our motto stated in the flag, “United we stand strong”. Therefore, stand by your heritage and teach our kids to be proud of it and not running away from it. Support each through local trades and not import. We are humans and dignified.

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