It really irks me to witness the level of enthusiasm with which some of my fellow Haitians are arguing that the choice of Dr. Gary Conille for the Prime Minister position is that of the “blan,” decrying the interference of the international community in the internal affairs of the country. Oh please!!! Spare me your lame nationalist verbosity. You praise the blan’s actions only when they go in your favor and denigrate them when they don’t.

Tell me… not that I am condoning the meddling of the international community in the country’s domestic affairs, but when do things happen in Haiti for the international community not to have a say in it? You could not even organize an election –the simplest thing; they had to step in to force you to get it right and respect the people’s will, yet you want to be left alone so you could further embarrass the nation. Please get off the nationalist high horse you are riding on before you fall off and break your spine.

The people of Haiti did not send troops to come to get President Aristide, the country’s constitutionally elected, and send him into exile in South Africa for seven long and depressing years. When that happened, all you today’s so-called nationalists who were against Aristide were acclaiming the United States for “liberating” the country from the paws of the former president. The interference was great and liberating for you then, wasn’t it? And now you are against it? Give me a break.

Now that President Martelly chooses Dr. Conille, a United Nations functionary, you are making all types of ridiculous allegations arguing that he is the choice of the “blan” and does not respond to the residency requirement as stated in the article 157 of the 1987 Constitution. So what he is the choice of the international community!!! If or when you are acting like a bunch of fools who don’t know how to act, your neighbors, whom you share the neighborhood with, must come together to force you to act a certain way that could guarantee their safety and security. Start acting grown, no one will have the need to get in your business and treat you like a bunch of insane kids on an elementary schoolyard.

From a global relations perspective, political instability in one country directly or indirectly tends to endanger the stability of other countries. Do you really think the international community is going to sit with its hands and legs crossed watching you, with the level of instability in your country, putting in jeopardy the security and stability of the other countries in the region? If you think that is going to happen, think again.

If the international community must step in to prevent the country from falling deeper into the abyss you fools have plunged it, I say go for it. They will stop getting in our business when we learn how to handle our business as grownups, not as a bunch of insane little kids. So needless to say, I welcome with open arms the choice of Dr. Gary Conille for Prime Minister. The country is psychologically tired and cannot afford to go through another round of ratification process of another Prime Minister. I join my voice with those of many concerned citizens and grassroots organizations inside the country and in the Diaspora to demand that Dr. Conille be ratified urgently so we can start moving forward with the materialization of President Martelly’s vision for the country.