Politics is a weight game; if you are politically weak, do not get on the field trying to play it. Otherwise, you are going to get badly and shamefully injured.

As it stands now, President Martelly is politically weak and frail; his political base is totally unstructured and unorganized. He needs to work on putting on some political weight (in parallel) as he is tackling many things at once.

If I were to advise him, I would tell him to put in place a committee of political strategists and experts to work on the formation of a structured political party to solidify and strengthen his political base. That party should be heavily active and represented in the country and in the Diaspora.

If you take a glance at the makeup of the Parliament, you will quickly realize that President Martelly has no real political weight in there. So that is bad business for him. He needs to work on changing the makeup of that body as soon as possible.

The only democratic way the makeup of our legislature can be changed is through democratic elections. And the only way he can have people sharing his philosophy of change in that body is if and only if he has a solid political party that could get them elected in the next elections.

President Martelly ran a campaign on the promise to change our politics, develop our economy and revolutionize our society. All these things he promised could be just empty rhetoric if he does not have a political structure in place.

Revolutions (political, economic and social) take time to mature. In other words, you do not see the results of a revolutionary movement in five years -the presidential term of service in Haiti. This is something that could take a quarter of a century before you start seeing results.

So President Martelly needs to have that structure in place that could carry the spirit and philosophy of that vision of change beyond his term in office. That is what you call durable and sustainable change.

It is going to be very difficult for the President to advance his political agenda without a majority in the legislature to back him up. That is how politics works. So he must sit down with the GPR-Inite concentration in the Parliament to see how they can work out their differences and arrive at a consensus on the choice of the Prime Minister to pass this congressional gridlock.

Let us face it. After President Obama lost the House of Representatives to the Republicans last November, the game has changed; the political calculus has shifted. So he had to put on hold some elements of his ambitious progressive agenda to deal with the conservative leadership in Congress. That’s exactly what President Martelly is going to have to do for the time being -until he strengthens his ranks and gets his troops in the chambers of Congress.

My political instinct tells me that more than likely Gousse is not going to be ratified. If my prediction is right, President Martelly is going to have to designate someone else to be his Prime Minister. This time, he should ask the GPR-Inite elements to do two things:

1) Write down the profile of someone they would ratify without a doubt (hopefully, this is something all the parties would agree upon)

2) Send over to him a list of five names of people they would ratify, which he could choose the Prime Minister from.

Once he secures these two things from the Parliament, he will form an independent team of trusted experts/advisers to thoroughly vet each and every single one of them. Once the vetting process is over, they will recommend the best and most suitable person for the job to him. Then that is the name he will send forth to Senator Joazil -the President of the General Assembly.

The GPR-Inite guys cannot continue to play their game for long. Eventually, that game they are playing will get old; they will be running out of options. The President needs to play with a winning state of mind that game these guys are playing. He needs to be patient and stay focused on getting the head of his government ratified, solidifying his political base and changing the makeup of the Parliament so he could get his political, economic and social reforms on the way.


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