Choubou: Tabou Combo's lead vocalist, a Michel Martelly endorser

Political endorsement is something very serious; it ought not to be taken lightly. So far, we have witnessed quite an array of Konpa artists coming out at an unprecedented rate to publicly endorse candidates in this presidential election cycle; in my humble opinion, I think that is encouraging. I am not trying to scare anybody, but I am just hoping that you guys know that political endorsements, at times, come with backlashes and consequences -whether directly or indirectly.    

To the rest of you Konpa personalities, those of you who are still standing on the sidelines and have yet to jump on the bandwagon of presidential endorsement, I have four simple words for you: DO NOT DO IT.

Haitian politics is a very tricky and complicated field. You are dealing with an electorate not democratically cultured enough to accept the fact that you can have a say in the political process and have your political position respected. They all aspire to democracy, but refuse to understand that it cannot be possible without the creed of tolerance.  

Yes, indeed, you have your rights as citizens of Haiti to publicly endorse anybody you want in this race just like your fans have their rights to not support you anymore because your political endorsements do/did not reflect theirs.

Some people take politics very personal. Remember, you need the support of your fans to stay in business. Your fans are all you have. Once they turn their backs on you, you are game; your career is over. So be very careful with that political endorsement thing. If you cannot sustain the heat, keep yourself away from the furnace. Otherwise, you might get burnt.

Of course, Fanfan Ti Bot, Choubou, Cubano, Douby, etc… they all can come out publicly and endorse candidates; they do not have anything to lose. With all due respect to them and what they represent in the world of Konpa music, as far as this new generation of fan base is concerned, these guys don’t really matter in this business anymore. If Konpa was a structured and lucrative business, they should have not been in circulation anymore; they should have gone into retirement long ago. But you, young artists coming up, have a lot to lose. I am going to repeat the same thing I said to you earlier, and that is you need the support of your fans to stay alive in this entertainment business.

My golden advice to you all is this: DO NOT MINGLE; LET THE PROCESS RUN ITS COURSE. You are not ordinary citizens; you are people with a platform. Therefore, do not put yourselves out there for political expediency.

That’s all I wanted to communicate to you all. Hopefully, you will find my advice sound and relevant. Well, I am a nobody, why should you listen to me?


  1. I have to agre with you fam, no way should these haitian artists jump on any candidate’s bandwagon. I know my label, rkm recordz, was offered a piece of the pie to endorse one of the candidates and while myself and the whole staff considered this proposal, yet it wasn’t in our best interest.

    I know at the very moment you do it, it might seems like you have gained more fans or you’re getting more friend requests, followers and more interview requests, but in the long run, when the candidate you have publicly supported doesn’t win, you will be chastized.

    good piece fam.

    • Mr. Prodg,

      You are right on target. Like I said in the piece, you come near the furnace if you cannot sustain the heat.

      I think you guys made the best decision. Political decisions should not be made without considering the long-term impact on you, your family and your business.

      It is very unfortunate to see these Konpa artists blinfoldedly endorsing presidential candidates. I hope they don’t have to regret the decision later.

  2. I know for a fact that Sir Martelly has been asking a few of the prominent hip hop kreyol MCs to pledge their support.
    And I’m happy that none of them have listened to him thus far bc 2 me music and politics in haiti cannot be mixed

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