What is being dead and what is death? Being in the medical field convinces me to see what we call death from a different and better perspective, one that may be controversial to some.

Does death really exist, some may be asking? We all may disagree in principle, but there is one thing we all can agree upon, and that is the notion that human intelligence is limited. Could it be that what we call death is basically the point of climax of human intelligence, the point of limit of our intelligence?

We declare people dead because our intelligence does not allow us to go beyond and do anything to revive them. Don’t we all believe in the theory that what we don’t know is bigger than us? There you have it.

Death is our greatest challenge simply because our limited intelligence has not given us YET the prescriptions as to how to overcome it.

Until our intelligence granted us access to scientific research and space exploration, we used to believe then in many assumptions about the earth and its relations with the solar system, which we came later to realize were scientifically false.

We send people away to be buried because our limited intelligence does not allow us to go beyond. But there will be a day, one I may not live to see, where what we call death will be laughing matters.

When your computer crashes, for instance, what do you do? You seek professional counsel and help from someone having the trusted expertise to repair it, right? And what do you do if the trusted expert tells you that there is no hope to get the PC to work again? You dispose of it, right? Well, just because it is disposed of does not mean that it ought to really be forever gone and that nothing can ever be done in the future to bring it back to operation.

So does death really exist? I think the notion of death is relative. Death can mean different things to different people. I may be laughed at if I say that death does not exist. We came up with the notion of death because we forged in our psyche a place for it to reside but, in reality, it does not exist.